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CPP blog- Wednesday 7th of June 2023

00.00 both chicks resting peacefully. There is still the uneaten remains of they prey (brought in at around 21.30 yesterday) in the north east corner of the box.

Photo credits- CPP

04.32 they both stretch, time to wake up. Z is straight to the front of the box.

04.33 Z is on the roof flapping getting really, really close to the edge, then decides to go down to the east side of the roof out of sight.

X is calling frantically.

04.38 Z appears back on ridge appears to have “found” food. Tries to drag it towards the box but struggles. Starts to eat on the ridge. X now right on front of box flapping but not leaving.

04.46 Z comes back into box with prey from roof. Not keen to share.

05.09 both chicks in back corners, both eating.

05.10 mum comes in to check on them and feed them. They are soon out of the box again.

05.49 one chick on ridge, no sign of the other.

06.26 both chicks are in the gutter on the west side, but wandering off constantly, teasing the cameraman.

07.34 the camera pans round and spots the male plucking prey on the north west pinnacle. Seems to eating a fair bit of it himself.

07.46 X is peeping through the fleur de lis on the north side of the tower, contemplating a flight over the pier. Never stop for long.

08.20 they’ve moved back closer to the box but very mobile.

10:07: Male on NW pinnacle and female on SE pinnacle

10:31:Male flown off.

10:32: To the west

10:33: Male now on Gargoyle

10:38: Both adults now on SW pinnacle

Thank you today's volunteers- Bev and Andrew

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1 Comment

Boo oatham
Boo oatham
Jun 07, 2023

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blogs and watching the peregrines, they are such a joy. Thank you 😊 🌸

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