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CPP blog Wednesday 26th April 2023

Today’s blog from the watchpoint where Stella & Jane engaged with 104 visitors and some observations and photos from the cameras by Chris and Brendon

1030 hrs the male is on the North East pinnacle

1122 hrs the male is observed to fly South

1210 hrs the male returns to the North East pinnacle

1225 hrs the male flies around and settles on one of the South East Fleur de Lis

1240 hrs one of the peregrines (female?) can be seen feeding on top of the South gargoyle above the clock and then flies onto the South East pinnacle.

1324 hrs the female flew off, possibly for a changeover. What is believed to be the male is now on one of the Westerly Fleur de Lis

1325 hrs one of our casual observers gets a great capture of a bit of a standoff with the female not wanting to changeover

1355 hrs the male flew inland

1401 hrs the male is back and on the North East pinnacle

1434 hrs the male flew off chasing a gull and settled on the South East pinnacle

1452 hrs the male flew off East and then there was a changeover on the eggs

1500 hrs the female can be seen on the SE pinnacle but is out of view of the watchpoint

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