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CPP Blog- Wednesday 19/04/2023

08:56 Start of blog today, overcast skies. Falcon moves from right back position to full back.

08:57 A pigeon sized bird is seen flying in from the left of the box on the main camera.

09:02 There is a loud gull calling off camera, the Falcon is alert for this.

09:25 Falcon is alert and looking round briefly from her back of box view.

09:26 She calls briefly.

09:20 More looking round.

09:31 She starts to preen her wings

09:32 Some stone pecking

09:37 She calls briefly and jiggles the eggs.

09:43 The sun comes out!

10:06 A light aircraft or microlite flies past. There is a temporary camera freeze and the falcon stands and moves anticlockwise a little.

10:08 A peregrine is heard calling off camera and Falcon does some stone pecking.

10:10:35 Female stands up, eggs seen briefly and she rotates clockwise and settles “right side across”.

10:20 Falcon is alert and looking round

10:21 Tiercel is seen landing on the runway and making his way onto the box. He approaches from the right and then they greet each other and change over. The falcon appears to stand on the paler egg nearer the front and leaves the box. He settles on the eggs with his back to the camera and looks round intermittently.

10:29 The Falcon is seen by the watchpoint plucking prey on South east pinnacle.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

10:54 The Tiercel stands up and shuffles the eggs and he rotates clockwise a bit and settles.

The falcon is seen from the watchpoint on the gargoyle.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

Thank you to today's volunteers- James and Jane

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