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CPP blog- Wednesday 10/05/2023

10:00 Falcon on NE pinnacle

10:10 Falcon on SW gargoyle feeding and then into the box with prey.

10:19 Tiercel flew SW

10:37 Chased a gull, circled church and flew South.

11:00 Tiercel on SW pinnacle.

11:05 Flew off N

12:30 Tiercel returns with prey

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

`13:00 Tiercel on E facing fleuir de leis in the sun.

13:40 Tiercel flew around, falcon calling.

14:05 Falcon feeding the chicks, Tiercel on SE pinnacle

14:22 Plane flies by, agitated male on pinnacle.

14:26 Tiercel flew inland.

15:10 Both birds calling

15:13 Tiercel into nest box

15:35 Falcon flew E

Thank you to today's volunteers- Jane, John, Julia, Martin and Stella.

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