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CPP Blog- Wednesday 03/05/2023

10:05 Falcon flew West, Tiercel brooding the chick.

11:50 Change over the falcon takes over from the male. The male flies off in a hunting flight.

12:03 The falcon broods the chick.

13:00 Tiercel perched on SE pinnacle

14:08 The tierce flew to the North face with prey in his talons.

14:37 The falcon in the nest box.

14:40 The tiercel returns to the roof top with prey (pigeon) the falcon leaves the nest box to feed.

15:30 3 Peregrines in the air! an intruder is chased off.

At 15:34 to 35, while the chick is left alone, it slumps against the pale egg, and just by the chick's left wing, is the spot which has drawn comment I think. From this particular angle it does have the appearance of a break in the shell, but of course that could be feverish speculation!

Thank you to today's volunteers- Martin, Stella, Mick and Peter.

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