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CPP Blog- Tuesday 18/04/2023

09.50 Incubation changeover the falcon enters the box and takes over from the tiercel.

10.00 Tiercel lands on SW pinnacle.

11:10 Tiercel flies off the the W.

11:18 Tiercel is perched on the NW pinnacle.

11:41 Tiercel moves to NE pinnacle.

11:57 Tiercel flies off.

12:00 Tiercel returns

12:10 He flies off East.

12:17 Incubation change over the tiercel takes over from the falcon.

12:27 The falcon lands on the SE pinnacle.

13:15 The falcon flew off.

13:40 The falcon is perched on the SE pinnacle.

13:48 Falcon out of view, Incubation change over she takes over from the Tiercel.

14: 48 Tiercel flew in and lands on NE pinnacle.

15.30 Tiercel perched on NE turret.

15.40 Tiercel departed.

Thank you to todays volunteers- Andrew, Val and Julia

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1 Comment

Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Apr 18, 2023

I was also on Watchpoint duty. With thanks to Brendan for today's Blog.

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