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CPP Blog- Thursday 20/04/2023

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

From the Watchpooint:

10.20 Tiercel on the NW pinnacle

10.35 Moves to NE pinnacle

10.37 He departs flying SE

10.47 He returns to NW pinnacle

11:15 Tiercel flies around to the South ledge

12. 20 He flies off

12.40 He returns with prey

12.45 Incubation changeover he takes over from the falcon

From the online webcamera:

12:52 The Tiercel is sitting at the moment, but has just started chirping. He is currently facing into the back of the platform, but looking back over his shoulder. I’m getting feelings of déjà vu, as this happened at the start of my shift last week!!

12:57 Right on cue, the Falcon arrives, and the Tiercel exchanges a few chirps before heading off out. The Falcon’s shadow can be seen on the roof ridge in the inset view, as she comes in to land.

….and AWAY!!

12:58 The Falcon settles onto the eggs, facing into the back left corner, so her head is just about in the shade. She fidgets a little. The afternoon breeze lifts her feathers as it gusts around her.

13:08 The Falcon has not yet started to relax, and keeps looking out of the platform.

13:16 The Falcon has a bout of shuffling, rotating back and forth but ultimately settling to face West.

13:21 The Falcon is picking stones for a while, then abruptly turns to preen somewhere over her left shoulder, before returning to the stones. This is shortly followed by another shuffle round so that she is now facing into the back left corner again.

13:27 The Tiercel can be heard off in the distance, calling several times. The Falcon does not react.

13:30 The Falcon’s head comes up and she looks back over her shoulder for several moments before gradually settling back.

13:45 The sun has shifted round enough that the Falcon is full in the sun now. Fortunately for her, occasional cloud covers the sun.

14:05 The Falcon does some more grooming, before starting to pick stones again.

14:08 A gull can be heard calling quite close by, but the Falcon continues stone picking. She then shuffles a little left, to end up facing into the back left corner of the platform.

14:23 The Falcon’s head comes up and she looks around very alert. She stands and re-positions herself over the eggs, then settles back again, still facing into the North West corner.

14:27 Several calls come from the Tiercel nearby.

14:30 There are some further calls from the Tiercel, as the church clock strikes the half hour.

14:35 The Tiercel gives some further calls, out of view.

14:47 Again the Tiercel calls out a few times, but there is no response from the Falcon.

14:48 The Tiercel arrives on the platform, and the two of them have a long exchange of chirrups, before the Falcon heads off out. The Tiercel settles onto the eggs with a chirp or two, ending up facing the back wall of the platform.

15:00 This session ends with the Tiercel sitting quietly on the eggs again, facing directly into the back of the platform.

5.00 Tiercel? in residence, very quiet, wind is blowing round the box

15.08 has turned his head and facing the camera

15.10 is alert now has he heard the Falcon – now settled down after a minute or two

15.15 Keeps closing his eyes

15.20 looks to be fast asleep, no activity whatsoever, but the eggs are nice and warm

Very quiet still.

15.31 has turned his back to the camera

15.46 just woken up and looking around, but no other activity

15 48 Is calling intermittently but no sign of the Falcon

15.51 Falcon has arrived and they have exchanged places

16.00 Falcon on the eggs facing back of box.

16.07 Looks to be sleeping

16.08 Suddenly alert. Turned head to front of box . Then quickly back to sleeping.

16.15 momentarily alert again but just a few seconds.

16.19 momentary turn of head to front of box but no body movement.

16.23. As above.

16.30 camera not working?

16.34 working again - bird in same position.

16.36 Another quick peep out without moving body.

16.44 Brief turn of the head again .

16.52 shifting and checking eggs but then settles and continued to look toward the back of box.

17.00 Very little action on my watch. I still don’t know wether it is the male or female on the eggs.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Sue, Peter, Stella and Barbara

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