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CPP blog - Sunday 28th May 2023

0000 hrs – 0413 hrs very little activity, lots of sleeping with the odd stretch, preen and shuffle but then back to sleep. Both chicks in the NW corner of the box.

0418 hrs one of the chicks is now sitting up looking around. The other has eyes open but is still pancaked.

0423 hrs VZN moves towards front of box. The letters on the leg rings show up really clearly even on the night vision camera. The male dad comes in with what appears to be the left over pigeon from yesterday evening. It certainly isn’t a fresh kill and most of the flesh has already been picked off.

0440 hrs the chicks have had enough, moving back to NW corner, so the male flies off with most of the remains, leaving just the bony legs behind.

0515 hrs the male comes back with the same leg. Chicks eat a bit more. Dad has a white downy feather stuck on the back of his head. He eats a bit himself while the chicks look on, then gives VXN a bone to take away and peck. He starts pecking, eating more than the chicks had. VXN moves around the back of the box, he pecks some more then leaves, taking the evidence with him.

0805 hrs nothing much has happened over the last couple of hours, just normal chick stuff, sleep, open eyes, sit up, preen, lay down, shuffle, sleep repeat!

0805 hrs VZN jumps up, flaps, races to the front of the box flapping! I thought she was going over the edge but she stopped just in time. VXN also comes to front of box but in a much more controlled manner.

0807 hrs the male comes into the box again, carrying prey (a small complete bird), going right into the box at the back behind the chicks. He starts to feed them, but then the chicks turn round to face the front of the box as seem to have heard the female land on the roof, the male can see her from his position. As she moves towards the box, and by the time she gets to the front of the box he’s gone, taking the prey with him, leaving just a bit of the pigeon leg from earlier.

0811 hrs both chicks each in a back corner, pecking with their backs to the female.

0812 hrs the female picks at her talons, stares intently down the camera and stands right on the edge of the box.

0813 hrs VXN comes to join her as she flies off to the rail on the east side.

0827 hrs both chicks back in NW corner getting ready for a snooze.

0842 hrs wake up time for VZN who now takes her turn at the front of the box in the sunshine, soon joined by VXN. They both then sit and preen.

0917 hrs VZN is standing looking out, VXN is pancaked next to her. As they move around VZN gets so close to the edge, I’m on the edge of my seat too.

1031 hrs both chicks looking out of the box, watching keenly. Male lands on the roof with prey. Before he could lift in into the box the female has caught up with him. A brief second or 2 later he’s off and she takes the prey into the box. Both chicks eating well.

1200 hrs the watchpoint is now open

1300 hrs the chicks are on their own, no adults present, VZN standing, alert and preening, VXN at back dozing

1303 hrs VZN pushes VXN out of the corner, VXN scratching and preening

1307 hrs VZN wing stretch

1311 hrs both chicks continuing to preen, VZN standing and VXN sitting

1317 hrs VXN briefly stands and you can see the size difference as they stand side by side VXN sits back down and then lies down, VZN standing at back

1320 hrs VXN wing stretch whilst lying down

1321 hrs VXN sitting up, VZN standing at the back of the box

1322 hrs VXN moves to back corner, lies down, VZN standing and more preening

1329 hrs VZN wing stretch, VXN moves out of back of box and settles down again

1331 hrs VZN settles down next to VXN, both sleepy with eyes closing and lying down

1332 hrs VZN intermittent gaping

1338 hrs the watchpoint report the male flying to land on the East ledge of the tower before moving to the SW rainspout then taking flight again

1339 hrs VXN calling

1340 hrs VXN very keen to get back in corner of box and pushes past VZN

1341 hrs both chicks move to the front of the box, VZN wing flap, both alert now

1343 hrs VZN standing and VXN sitting midway to front of box

1345 hrs the male flies around the tower and lands on a grotesque above the South window for a few seconds before flying to West side out of view of the watchpoint

1348 hrs a gull is heard and chicks appear alert, they watch something fly across front of box

1350 hrs VXN calling

1350 hrs VZN standing and VXN sitting, both preening

1352 hrs VXN calling repeatedly, VZN joining in occasionally

1354 hrs VZN wing stretch and flap

1356 hrs VXN standing and wing stretch, both chicks alert

1357 hrs VXN moved to front of box, defecates and sits down

1404 hrs VZN settles down, lying down, sleepy with an eye closing

1405 hrs the male is seen to land on the top of the SE pinnacle showing well for the first time since the watchpoint opened today

1408 hrs VXN alert and calling, VZN asleep

1410 hrs both adults are seen flying, the female lands on the South side Fleur De Lis next to the SE pinnacle, the male flies off SE

1417 hrs VXN preening

1424 hrs VZN sleepy and lying down, VXN sitting and sleepy

1427 hrs VXN preening

1429 hrs VXN wing stretch, VZN asleep

1430 hrs VXN looking sleepy and settles down next to VZN meanwhile the male is now on the NE pinnacle

1439 hrs VZN awake and standing, walks to rear of box (possibly in response to nearby gull call)

1440 hrs both chicks have a wing stretch

1441 hrs VXN lying down and VZN moves towards front, preening

1443 hrs VZN preening and VXN lying down asleep

1447 hrs VZN calling repeatedly, VXN asleep

1448 hrs the male flies to the top of the SE pinnacle, the female is on the West side of the tower

1452 hrs VZN preening and VXN asleep

1455 hrs VZN settles down next to VXN, both lying down and sleeping

1500 hrs as I begin my shift both chicks are chilling out together alone in the box & the watchpoint indicate the male is now on the top of the NE pinnacle

1511 hrs an adult can be heard calling off camera

1515 hrs the male is away

1521 hrs one chick is having a stretch and then goes back to re-join the other chick

1535 hrs one of the chicks starts to call

1540 hrs one of the chicks and both adults are calling, one of the chicks is flapping its wings, the adults are seen to be chasing off a gull likely explaining them calling & the female lands on the SE pinnacle

1547 hrs both adults are calling, the male then brings in food for the chicks

1550 hrs the male flies off leaving the female to take over feeding the chicks

1555 hrs the female flies off and away

1605 hrs one chick is doing a lot of wing flapping and an adult can be heard calling in the background

1616 hrs both chicks are huddled together and one of them starts to call

1630 hrs the chicks are huddled together in the corner

1700 hrs as my shift ends the chicks are again home alone together

Thanks to Bev, Stella & Brendon for today’s online blog & to Julia and Mick on the watchpoint for their blogging and engaging with 104 visitors

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