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CPP Blog- Sunday 23/04/2023

12:08 Female sat on SE turret, male incubating the 3 eggs

12:09 Female flies off SE and quickly returns

12:40 Female chases off a crow which gets too close to the spire

14:06 Female flies SE over the shops at speed in a hunting flight

14:10 The female returns with a small item of prey (passerine size) alarm calling

14: 11 Intruder alert! there is another adult female in the air the resident female chases her off over meadows carpark. The resident female returns to the church and perches on the SE pinnacle almost at the top until the end of the watchpoint at 15.30 she was preening in the rain.

15:00 Male incubating the 3 eggs

15:31 Male remains on the eggs even in the heavy rain.

16:38 The male turns the eggs to keep them evenly heated.

16:41 The male starts to call

16:50 Incubation change over the female takes over from the male

Thank you to todays volunteers- Mick, Mike, Zoe and Brendon

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