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CPP Blog Saturday- 22/04/2023

11:23 Falcon in the box incubating the clutch of 3 eggs, the tiercel feeding on cached prey on the W ledge.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

11:24 Tiercel flew after a gull and then perched on the SE pinnacle

11:32 Incubation change over, the tiercel takes over incubation duties

11:33 The falcon flew South and then returned to the top of the SW pinnacle

11:43 Falcon dropped from perch out of sight.

11:50 Microlight flew over the male was watching from the nest box

13:23 Falcon appears back on S gingerbread man just as a coach of 32 children and adults arrive at the watchpoint.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

13:41 Falcon does several laps of the church then lands on the E ledge and starts to eat the remains of he carcass that the male was feeding on at 11:23

14:16 Falcon flies on the the roof out of view from the watch point

14:23 Falcon lands on the box there is a vocal exchange, tiercel refuses to move and the falcon flies out of the box.

14:58 Falcon walks back to the box along the ridge of the roof, another vocal exchange but the tiercel still doesn't move.

15:02 Tiercel eventually leaves the nest box and the falcon settles on the eggs.

15:25 Falcon perched on NW pinnacle, visible from upstairs/downstairs corner of the church

15:44 Tiercel flew off South.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Jane and Bev

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