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CPP blog - Monday 5th June 2023

0553 hrs both chicks awake, preening and ready for adventure. VZN is on the front of the box, VXN is tucked away at the back pecking about at the gravel/bones etc.

0607 hrs sudden change in behaviour, as the falcon arrives on the roof with prey both chicks very alert, calling and eager for food. VZN drops straight down onto the roof and is fed immediately. VXN is still in box calling loudly. Instead of heading onto roof she heads into the back of the box and then realised good isn’t coming to her and returns to the front.

0612 hrs she loses her balance on the edge of the box and makes a very unprofessional exit. Both chicks now getting food and still lots of noise.

0615 hrs VXN is still getting fed but VZN has decided it’s time to have another explore of the roof space and moves first East, then back to the falcon then down to the West, then out of sight.

0620 hrs VXN also disappears from view, possibly both right down by the front of the platform as occasionally you can just see some movement on West side of tray.

0622 hrs lots of flapping from VXN who goes back for more food, quickly followed by VZN who then decides it’s more fun to explore.

0625 hrs the falcon drags the remains of the prey to the South end of the ridge, VXN follows. The falcon then takes it to SW corner whilst VXN stays on the edge of the ridge.

0627 hrs I’m very relieved when she moves away from the edge and back towards the box, but the attraction of the roof is ever present.

0629 hrs in the background of the main screen you can see an adult hop onto the stairs cover and then fly away.

0645 hrs the falcon lands back on roof and enters empty box and pecks around. No sign of either chick or any noise.

0649 hrs she leaves and calls

0657 hrs VZN arrives back.

0728 hrs VZN in box, no sign of VXN.

0745 hrs VZN is looking over towards SW corner, it’s likely VXN is down there somewhere.

0754 hrs a brief glimpse of the top of VXN’s head in front of the box

0755 hrs VXN appears back on the ridge totally relaxed, unlike some of us!

0758 hrs VZN joins VXN on the roof, on the ridge initially then she goes down to the SW corner. I wonder if there is the rest of breakfast still there?

0802 hrs VZN comes back into box, VXN stays on roof, shortly heading towards front of platform and SW corner then out of sight again.

0842 hrs VZN is looking below the box and jumps off the east side out of view.

0854 hrs VZN comes back into view on the ridge then hops back into the box. No sign of VXN.

1000 hrs the watchpoint opens with the male on the NE pinnacle

1025 hrs one of the adults is on the SE pinnacle

1030 hrs one of the adults’ flies inland at speed

1055 hrs the male arrives back on the NE pinnacle

1130 hrs the male headed inland and the female is on the SE pinnacle

1200 hrs the male is out of view of the WP on the NW pinnacle

1230 hrs both adults on the SE pinnacle

1250 hrs the male flew but he was lost from sight

1300 hrs No sign of any of the birds, but some calling off camera.

1302 hrs One of the youngsters appears briefly running up the roof behind the box, flapping wildly.

1304 hrs the male flew around the tower calling and landed out of sight on the NW pinnacle

1311 hrs The camera view changes to show the two chicks sitting on the apex of the roof behind the nest box. The fluffier chick (VZN?) is preening and white down can be seen blowing away in the wind.

1312 hrs VXN decides to join in with the preening, though she is much less committed.

1317 hrs an adult calls in the background.

1318 hrs VZN scratches her chin.

1323 hrs VZN continues to preen, while VXN appears to have dozed off.

1330 hrs VXN has woken up and is looking around alertly.

1331 hrs VXN approaches VZN and the two chicks huddle together.

1333 hrs VXN stretches her wings and has a quick flap.

1334 hrs the adult female is perched on the SE pinnacle.

1335 hrs VXN flaps her wings again and then wanders along the roof apex towards the edge of the tower and then returns towards VZN.

1338 hrs She changes her mind and heads back in the opposite direction.

1340 hrs One of the adults is calling close by.

1341 hrs the male flies around the tower then W down the High Street

1344 hrs VZN's attention is attracted by the call of one of the adult birds, but there is no sign of dinner approaching. Meanwhile the watchpoint report the male landing briefly on the top of the SE pinnacle then flew East in a determined manner.

1345 hrs More calling and the chick is very alert.

1348 hrs VZN walks back along the apex to join VXN.

1350 hrs the male is located on the NW pinnacle

1353 hrs After all her exertions, VZN is having a rest.

1409 hrs VXN wakes up and moves down the roof briefly before flapping her wings as she heads back to the apex, now facing in the opposite direction.

1410 hrs Loud calling from one of the parents, and both chicks perk up & the watchpoint report the male flying right overhead

1411 hrs VZN is looking upwards, and there is more calling from the adult. The watchpoint see the male return and land on the West side of the tower out of sight

1418 hrs Both chicks have gone back to sleep now.

1421 hrs VXN is off the apex onto the right-hand side of the roof, but thinks better of it and re-joins her sister.

1425 hrs VXN is preening while VZN snoozes, she stretches each of her wings in turn, and then her tail.

1428 hrs After a couple of wing flaps she hops onto the lead flashing behind the box and then back onto the apex. The male is seen to fly around the tower scaring the pigeons and disappeared from view.

1430 hrs She suddenly half flaps half runs down the roof and back up again.

1431 hrs She has another dash down the roof and disappears from sight as she moves onto the other end of the roof, reappearing in the nest box.

1442 hrs VXN is near the front of the box facing out towards the south, with VZN pancaked on the roof apex. Suddenly there is ear-shattering calling from one of the adults.

1457 hrs One of the adults is calling again, waking VZN with a start, while VXN stretches her wings and makes for the edge of the box.

1500 hrs Despite the earlier excitement, no food has been forthcoming and I finish my shift with VXN still on the edge of the box and VZN sleeping on the apex.

1505 hrs the male is now on the NW pinnacle

1531 hrs the female flew around the tower heading West quite low and disappeared from view, the male was located on the NW pinnacle

1537 hrs the female flew around the tower with a small prey item (squab pigeon?) and took it onto the roof

1543 hrs the female flew several laps of the watchpoint affording excellent views of her silhouetted again the grey sky, she landed on the East side gargoyle just above the arched windows

1544 hrs both adults take flight and land out of sight

1548 hrs the female takes a leisurely flight around the watchpoint landing back on the SE pinnacle where she has spent most of the afternoon. (Sitting here she can see most of the roof and into the box)

Thanks to all our volunteers today, Bev, Val, Stella, John, Jane, Richard & Chris on camera they’ve helped with blogging and those on the watchpoint had 120 visitors.

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