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CPP Blog- Monday 24/04/2023

12:30 Tiercel on the nest and falcon on the NE turret, sheltering from the wind.

13:00 The Tiercel is asleep on the eggs, facing the back of the box. The chill wind is ruffling his feathers.

13:06 He wakes and looks over his shoulder.

13;08 Another quick peer over his shoulder

13:11 And again!

13:14 He is picking at the gravel.

13:15 He rises from the eggs and shuffles them a little before settling back down facing west with a couple of his characteristic bobs, but then repositions himself facing north east. The sun has come out and his shadow can be seen on the gravel.

13:17 He dozes off.

13:27 He is awake...

13:28 But not for long!

13:31 He looks towards the front of the box and starts to chirrup. The Falcon flies in and the Tiercel surrenders the nest to her without demur.

13:32 She settles onto the eggs, fluffing up her feathers, and facing west. Tiercel lands on NE turret.

13:45 She begins to nod off.

14:01 She is awake.

14:02 She pecks at the gravel.

14:03 She lifts herself off the eggs and re-arranges them, turning to face south.

14:04 She continues to shuffle the eggs, turning round one more to face west. 14:04 And comes to rest facing north-east.

14:07 She finally appears to be settled.

14:20 Tiercel leaves his perch flew around and disappeared from view to the West.

14:46 The Falcon pecks at the gravel in front of her.

14:47 After a bit more gravel pecking, she wriggles about, turning the eggs as she does so. Tiercel returns to NE pinnacle.

14:48 She is settled on the eggs facing into the back of the box.

14:50 She looks over her shoulder, but then settles back to sleep.

15:03 She turns to face west.

15: 18 Low flying gull- tiercel leaves his perch and gives chase, he flys around and then goes onto the roof and swaps over with the falcon to incubate the eggs. The falcon flies back to the NE pinnacle.

Thank you to Val, Jane and Chris for this blog.

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