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CPP blog Friday 28th April 2023

The weather was cool, breezy and very wet today but that didn’t deter Deb, Hugh and John from opening the watchpoint from 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs – thank you all. They managed to engage with 30 visitors.

1157 hrs the Falcon enters the box and changes over with the Tiercel (he doesn’t willingly relinquish his dry spot but after some loud chirping in his ear he decides to leave!)

1338 hrs the tiercel is seen on the inset view running along the church roof wings flapping. The falcon stands up as he enters the box and there is another swift changeover.

1353 hrs to 1356 hrs There is a series of loud chirruping from outside the box. The falcon must be close to the mic. The tiercel looks over his shoulder and chirps a few times then settles.

1500 hrs the tiercel is still incubating and facing the back of the box (North)

1534 hrs to 1538 hrs He shuffles around in a circle turning the eggs and rearranging them. He does his usual bobbing to get himself comfortable over the 3 eggs, remains facing the back of the box.

1624 hrs he stands up and moves around the eggs bobbing vigorously before settling back down into his original position.

1643 hrs the falcon is chirruping but not in view, the tiercel doesn’t respond

1700 hrs All is quiet and the tiercel is dozing whilst on his incubation duty.

Thanks to Julia for blogging this afternoon.

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