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CPP blog - Friday 26th May 2023

Midnight & both chicks are asleep in the far-left corner (NW), with just an occasional twitch, stretch and reposition.

0006 hrs one moves too much, both chicks now awake but they quickly settle again

0224 hrs both chicks awake again. A wing stretch, a move around, a quick preen of each other, a sleep and repeat.

0423 hrs both chicks awake, one still pancaked, the other sitting up. The increasing light levels triggering more movement, more stretching.

0430 hrs both chicks very alert and calling loudly as a single bell rings out. VZN moves towards the front of the box soon joined by VXN. Both standing but still looking a little unsteady on their feet. No response from either adult so they go back into the corner and settle down again.

0432 hrs VZN brings up a pellet (it’s black and you might just spot it in the second photo), VXZ seems intrigued, watched her sister and goes to have a look at it afterwards

0630 hrs breakfast still hasn’t arrived. VZN at front of box flapping. An adult responds off screen.

0633 hrs VZN moves into the box and flaps, knocking into VXN who then also flaps. Lots more flapping from both. VZN hadn’t quite realised that it’s not that easy to flap when you are squeezed into the corner.

0641 hrs both chicks now at the front of the box in the sunshine. Both looking around, maybe following a parent overhead. Also looking down at the roof. Deciding the outside world is too big for now they head back into the box, one in each corner, but then together again.

0639 hrs frantic calling then all goes quiet for a moment. Very mobile moving to the front again. Good job VXN was just back from the very front when she tripped over her own feet or it could have been an early exit. You can see VZN looking upward, maybe hoping for breakfast. Still no food this morning.

0721 hrs adult calling, chicks also now calling but only one standing up.

0722 hrs both chicks race to the front of the box calling frantically, but then calm down again and return to the corner of the box for a nap.

0748 hrs the Falcon (female) comes in with food, at last. Both chicks very pleased to see her, very noisy and very keen to get stuck in. Prey looks pigeon sized and was very well plucked. Mum is feeding mainly VZN so VXN helped herself to a big lump, maybe it was a large lump mum gave her, and took it to the back of the box to peck at.

0754 hrs hunger gets the best of VXN and she puts down the big lump she has and let’s mum feed her, even though one of the lumps was a foot (it barely touched the sides)!

0801 hrs VXN trying to feed herself, not doing very well.

0811 hrs the female leaves the box with the last bit of wing. Onto the roof and then flies off. The chicks are snuggled for a while into the NW (right hand) corner.

0833 hrs the female comes back in with a snack but neither chick particularly interested so mum eats it.

0839 hrs she then calls and flies away over Cromer

0934 hrs dad brings in a snack. Chicks are a little bit more interested but he looks puzzled that they are not begging. Eventually they do have a few bites.

1000 hrs the watchpoint is open, the chicks have been fed 3 times today already, the male can be seen on the Fleur de Lis near the SW pinnacle. Maintenance was being done on the church, as the low gulley’s were cleared the remains of several prey items were retrieved and those doing the work gave these to the watchpoint, amongst them was evidence of 2 Woodcocks, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Black Tailed Godwit – all potentially dropped their by the Peregrines at some point.

1015 hrs the female flew around the tower, landed out of sight and was located by the NW pinnacle

1100 hrs the female flew East

1220 hrs the chicks had a small feed from the female

1233 hrs the male relocated from the Fleur De Lis to the top of the SW pinnacle

1243 hrs the female appeared on the South Fleur De Lis near the SE pinnacle and then disappeared from view

1258 hrs the male flies, drops in behind the West side of the tower and out of sight of the watchpoint

1304 hrs the male flew South as the female arrived on top of the SE pinnacle

1310 hrs the female moved to the west side Fleur de Lis and is only just visible to the watchpoint

1325 hrs the male flew to the North side of the tower

1343 hrs the male flew to the North while the female flew some circuits of the tower and appeared to land on the roof. Our cameraman caught up with her there….

1359 hrs the male landed on the NE pinnacle

1402 hrs the male flew West down the High Street, caught some prey and immediately returned to the North side of the NE pinnacle to pluck it (starling)

1409 hrs the male took the prey into the nest box, the female quickly followed, initially one of the chicks stole the prey but the female soon retrieved it!

1410 hrs the male arrives on the South side Fleur De Lis

1418 hrs feed complete and the female leaves the nest box, almost immediately one of the chicks moves quickly forward, picks up some remains and heads away from the other chick into the NE corner of the box with it

1429 hrs the female flies to the back of the SE pinnacle as is just visible from the watchpoint

1457 hrs the male flew at speed from the South side and West down the High Street again, the female is just visible on the West side of the tower

1520 hrs the male has again flown away up the High Street

Thanks to Bev, Rachel & Chris for today’s online blog & to John, Bev, Jane and Colin on the watchpoint for their blogging and engaging with just over 150 visitors

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