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CPP blog - Friday 12th May 2023

Updated: May 13, 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Friday 12th May 2023

0455 hrs first feed of the day. Blackbird? Both chicks were fed.

0633 hrs the chicks were moving underneath dad so much as he tried to cover them up, he got knocked off his feet! He does try very hard.

0830 hrs more food but only big chick was fed.

1012 hrs male brings in tiny scrap of blackbird. Both chicks begging and both getting fed, looks pretty well shared. Male didn’t want to leave but just looked on, waiting.

1014 hrs Falcon leaves, probably to get a proper meal. Male hunkers down over chicks, or tries to. Getting more difficult now. Raindrops on camera and looking quite blowy.

1017 hrs Mum arrives back with a tatty bit of blackbird, looks as though it’s cached good rather than fresh. Difficult to see which chick is being fed as dad also in box and obscuring back camera but little one is getting some. Could they get any closer to each other?

1023 hrs Female leaves box with remains of prey. Again, male tries to cover chicks.

1028 hrs Female returns and beds down. Doesn’t look comfy.

1033 hrs Male returns with food. Chicks staying under mum so he tucks in. Shares a couple of mouthfuls with female. Neither chick showing any interest in any more food. Presumably if they were hungry, they would have let the parents know.

1037 hrs male leaves taking remains with him.

1130 hrs Female relaxed, occasional shut eye and fidget of chicks under her. Nest is a mess, discarded egg shell from lost egg blowing around in wind, lots of feathers and bits of bones, coughed up pellets and a green leg ring.

1141 hrs slight adjustment on box. All quiet.

1146 hrs The wind is still blustery, egg shell moves towards centre of box and briefly catches her attention.

1154 hrs a quick look round as the eggshell moves.

1204 hrs Still windy, lots of feathers fluttering. A bit of chirruping from chicks, she readjusts on nest. One little beak visible for a few moments.

1206 hrs has a real shuffle round

1207 hrs really can’t get comfy. Now a leg sticking out!

1209 hrs chick clearly not comfy, lots of fidgeting.

1215 hrs lots more fidgeting.

1217 female picks up green leg ring to inspect it. More fidgeting from chicks. I wonder what happened to the red one.

1218 hrs pecking at gravel.

1221 hrs leaves the gravel and has a quick peck at the prey leg left earlier, then back to the gravel. She seems to be pulling it towards her to make a bigger bowl for the chicks.

1226 hrs a brief glimpse of the chicks ad she adjusts her position.

1229 a chirrup and a shuffle, before settling again.

1232 hrs female calling, sounds like male in distance. Hungry calling from chicks.

1235 hrs lots of noise.

1237 hrs more shouting, chicks’ visible underneath, wind still strong. Her shrieks are audible over passing ambulance sirens

1239 hrs male brings in blackbird. Female collects it from front of box. Noticeable that Thierry (tierces - 1/3rd - 3rdchick) is eating well and getting plenty. Una (une - French for 1) showing full crop. Thierry gets first feed of foot! Yuk! The smaller chick is on the left, certainly seems to be catching up in size.

1247 hrs female leaves nest with remnants, dad comes in to cover.

1249 hrs female returns, male hops to front of box but pauses a while before he flies.

1250 hrs chicks now safely covered, with the odd bit of movement and a contented chirrup.

1325 hrs chicks visible beneath mum but very sleepy.

1353 hrs both chicks visible under mum, think it was big one that decided it was carrying too much weight and off loaded at the camera. Lots of movement from both. Keep getting a glimpse of enormous feet.

1359 hrs chicks snuggled back under their duvet, dreaming of golden orioles, hoopoes and bee eaters.

Thank you to Bev for a long session watching and blogging today.

After being rained off this morning the watchpoint opened for the afternoon. Thanks to Zoe, Jane, Mike, John & Eddie who engaged with 72 visitors as well as managing some blogging ….

1403 hrs Male flew

1427 hrs Male flies in a stoop heading South

1454 hrs male returns with prey, Starling and plucks on SW pinnacle

1500 hrs male flew in box with prey

1502 hrs female flew out took prey from S ledge and lands on S Fleur De Lis and feeds

1507 hrs Falcon goes back in

1513 hrs male dives at a pigeon misses and lands on NE pinnacle

1514 hrs has a fly around disappears round the back

1517 hrs the male is back and landed out of sight

This beautiful shot of the whole family from early today

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