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CPP blog- Friday 02/06/2023

04.40 time to wake up, have a stretch, wander around a bit and wait. Lots of movement around the box.

04.49 both chicks at the front of the box preening. The 3 days difference in plumage can be easily seen but there is now very little difference in size.

05.15 both chicks looking at east side of tower and the sky and calling. Z in particular now looking like a peregrine.

05.24 still screaming for food they decide to try the west side instead, then the back of the box and then turn into the corners silently like naughty school children.

05.40 they are back at the front calling intermittently, still glancing upwards. Finally getting fed up of nothing incoming the settle down for a nap at the back.

07.14 mum arrives with prey which Z snatches and takes into the NW corner. X is not impressed and just watches on. X begs for food from mum to no avail then starts to peck at her talons. Mum drops onto the roof out of the way. Z is now in NE corner but isn’t doing much feeding.

07.17 mum leaves the roof. Z takes her prize to NW corner and stands guard over it.

07.18 X tries to steal a bit but Z uses her body to shield it.

07.22 Z is trying really hard to eat, hop and stop X getting at it but they both get a few pecks before Z snatches it back. First proper sibling argument. X resorts to pecking dry bones.

07.25 X calling loudly as mum lands back on ridge of roof, staying a distance away from the box. X carries on calling but mum is motionless.

07.26 mum hops into box, checks how Z is getting on then flies away. X goes into corner with Z to try to grab some breakfast.

07.29 mum is back, tries and succeeds in taking the prey from Z and starts to feed X. Z wanders away sulking.

07.31 Z relents and both chicks now getting fed but X getting most of it so Z wanders round again. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

07.39 with very little left, and looking as though Z may have that, mum moves to front of box. X makes a final nibble at mums talons before she leaves.

08.39 both chicks settled together until dad comes in with a greenfinch. Immediately snatched by Z who doesn’t want to share. Dad leaves very quickly. X on front of box calling very loudly, still hungry.

Hello and welcome to a grey and breezy day here in Cromer.

As I start my duty at 0858, Chick X is feeding in the SE Corner of the box, then exercising wings. Also, Chick Z tries exercising wings.

0900 Calls heard outside box from parent

0901 More Wing flapping

0903 both chicks move to front of box.

0904 Calls heard from parent

0905 where is the parent as X looks W and Z looks South

0910 More calling from adults

0912 Z responds

0913 repeat calls from adults and Z

0917 something above gets their attention as both chicks look up. Is there an intruder or incoming prey?

0921 All is revealed as Henry arrives with prey. (Breakfast) then feeds both X and Z.

0927 Henry leaves with prey after feeding chicks.

0928 silence apart from outside noise. Then church clock strikes 0930.

0931, Sibling sulking as Z takes food into SE Corner of box.

0933 X looks set for a hop out of box, then decides not to pursue, but looks East. While Z continues leftovers and then joins X

0947 Distant Calling heard

0948 Z lies down then sits up while X also lies down. X lies head to tail, and Z vice versa.

1000 Church clock chimes for the hour. No reaction of chicks.

1021 X sits briefly then lies back down again

1030 Clock strikes 1030 with no reaction from Chicks

1032 suddenly both chicks wake and move to back of box with calls from chicks. (Is there something the WP can see that is not visible from Cameras)

1034 X starts to preen feathers and lose a couple of down feathers,

1035 Z does likewise

1036 both move to front of box.

1038 Calls heard close by

1039 the Sunshine makes a brief appearance.

1042 More calls from Adult

1045 X does the one leg trick, then lies down while Z keeps watch.

1057 Z lies down and both chicks are asleep again.

1100 End of early blog.

11.00. Both chicks are lying together top and tail, tiercle perched on NE pinnacle.

11.03. A whistling sound wakes VXN who looks up and stares around for a while. Nothing to cause concern so goes back to sleep.

11.12. Both chicks react simultaneously, a parent probably coming into their sight. They both stare in the same direction, west, and squawking begins.

11.20 VXN is now sitting with its head over the shoulder onto the back asleep.

11.26. VXN repositions and lies forward. It looks breezy up there as the white down ruffles.

11:30 Tiercel relocates to NW pinnacle.

11.41. VXN stands up and sends a white stream towards the camera, lies down again. VZN stands and tries to walk over her sibling causing VXN to sit up.

11.43. Both are now busy preening. It’s now the turn of VZN to send out a white stream, all adding to the mosaic pattern of the box.

11.46. VZN turns towards the back of the box, stretches her wings and displays her tail feathers.

11.47. VZN is charging ack and forth across the back of the box. She comes forward and plucks at her siblings down.

11.49. VZN rushes to the front edge flapping wings. I expected her to go onto the roof but she turns and goes back into the shadows. VXN sits watching her energetic sister.

11.50. Both chicks are relaxed until there is a sound of a small motorised aircraft. VXN reacts by looking upwards and following it until the sound subsides.

11.52. VXN is performing a balancing act while stretching out the left leg. At this time VZN is barely visible as she hides in the shadows of the NW corner, only a flash of white giving her away.

11.59. VXN joins her at the back of the box and calls.

12.00. Both come quickly to the front, possibly seeing a parent.

12.01. A Gull calls attracting their attention. VZN watches for a while, VXN preens.

12.09. A loud squawk nearby takes them by surprise and they both charge into the shadow of the NW corner.

12.13. VXN is picking at a remnant of bone but not getting very far with it. An adult calls but their is no reaction from the chicks.

12.21. VXN is startled by something and runs noisily into the shadows of the NW corner again. VZN looks at her sibling wondering what all the fuss is about.

12.24. BXN braves it out to the centre of the box to join her sister. There they both peep around the E side of the box looking intently.

12.27. VZN has a good scratch pulling out more white down with her talons. VXN stretches the left leg while using VZN as a prop.

12.28 An adult speeches, the call is echoed by VXN. More preening.

12.32. VXN’s turn to lean on her sibling while stretching the right leg.

12.36. VXN lies down blending in quite well with the downy covered gravel. VZN hides in the shadows of the SW corner.

12.38 An adult calls quite close to the box, both look towards the SE. VXN calls back.

12.40 It is the turn of VZN to add to the white decoration after which she turns and pecks at her siblings beak who has been pecking at a remnant of food.

12.50. Both are still, VZN is lying down with VXN sitting in front

12:54 Tiercel flies off in direction of the pier.

13:02 Tiercel back on SE pinnacle, no food, not plucking.

13:07 Male flies and lands out of sight.

13:12 Male flying around.

13:15 Male lands on SW pinnacle, very briefly then flies S.

13:18 Male arrives back and settles on W side ledge, plucking cached prey.

13:22 Male relocates to NE pinnacle.

13:26 Female takes off to chase gull away then comes back to go for a pigeon on E side of tower.

13:28 Low flight over WP, all pigeons airborne as she flies S at speed.

13:32 Female still circling church.

13:42 Female located at base of NW pinnacle male still on NE pinnacle.

13:57 Female still circling church.

13.58 Lots of noisy excitement as an adult is seen approaching along the roof with prey.

The tiercel enters the box with the prey which is quickly snatched by VZN, Dad makes a swift exit leaving them to it.

14.01. VZN takes it to the NE corner guarding it. VXN goes towards the prey which is quickly taken to the NW corner. VXN tries to get to it again but VZN moves it back to the opposite corner.

14.02. VXN is getting frustrated now, screeching and vigorously flapping wings. Tries to push in once more but is blocked. At this point I cannot see if the prey is actually being eaten.

14.04. VXN is really mad now, at the front of the box calling out to mum no doubt and really flapping those wings.

14.06. VXN is running around the box NOT happy.

14.07. VXN tries to poke its beak in towards the prey but VZN picks it up and rushes over to the other corner with it.

14.09. One chick in each corner now. Both are feeding so guessing that VXN must have some scraps.

14.17. VZN has had enough and moves to the front while VXN continues to feed.

15:09 Male flies S in hunting mode.

15:17 Female flies again and spooks the pigeons, flying very close to the tower almost hovering in the wind she lands for a short time on the ornate stone work at the top of the louvers on W side, she does the same on the N side and comes away with a swab taken from a pigeons nest.

15:23 Seen flying with prey.

Photo credits Jane Crossen

15:25 Female arrives at the nest.

15.25 falcon enters with prey, pigeon, and stays to feed the chicks.

VXN is getting fed first while VZN doesn’t seem too interested but does join in later.

15.40 Both chicks are full and standing in the NW corner. The falcon stays to eat until nothing is left

15.45. Falcon leaves the box by the East side.

15.51 Female flies landing on S side of SE pinnacle, male flies and lands on S side on NE pinnacle.

292 visitors came to the watchpoint today and looked at the screen inside the church.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

292 visitors came to the watchpoint today and looked at the screen inside the church.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Bev, Hugh, John, Jane, Richard, Andrew and Julia.

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