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Chick no 2 has arrived! Friday 05/05/2023

05.11 The second chick was seen emerging from the egg shell.

06.00 The Falcon consumed the egg shell to regain calcium lost during laying.

07.00 There was a feed

09.46 The falcon broods the chicks to keep them warm.

10.21 Both chicks are fed (prey blackbird).

11:00 Male on SE gargoyle.

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

11:53 Male plucking on gingerbread man. The falcon is getting agitated in the box waiting for the prey to arrive.

The tiercel- photo credits Jane Crossen.

12:10 Chicks are left exposed whilst she retrieves prey.

13:03 Thunderstorm incoming!

Just as the chairman arrives!

13:40 Male on SE pinnacle. The weather is starting to brighten up.

14:35 Food pass to the S the tiercel brings in food for the falcon and they exchange it in mid air!

14:37 Falcon on E gargoyle

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

15:24 Chicks are fed.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Mick, Jane, John, Eddie, Bev.

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