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A windy day for all! CPP blog Monday 15th May 2022

Cromer Peregrines blog – Monday 15th May 2023

0900 hrs my shift starts with the female in nest box with chicks just visible underneath her

0904 hrs one of the chicks shuffles about

0909 hrs the female preens briefly, the chicks are chirping away

0923 hrs there is calling from outside the box

0924 hrs the female and chicks stand up, the female leaves the box

0926 hrs calling can be heard again from outside the box, the male comes into box

0929 hrs the chicks are chirping

0932 hrs more calling from outside

0933 hrs the female comes back in and stands over the chicks, the male leaves, there’s lots of calling and chirping going on!

0934 hrs she is trying hard to cajole the two feisty chicks to huddle under her for protection and warmth – it cool and very windy today

0935 hrs just as she appears to have succeeded one of the chicks stands for stretch she’s keeping a close eye on it! This routine carries on for a bit – we have a defiant one here!

0943 hrs finally the female now sits fully down over both chicks and they are chirping

0949 hrs the female gets up, calls, has a quick preen then settles back down over the chicks

1009 hrs the chicks are fidgeting under mum

1010 hrs more chirping from the chicks

1015 hrs the female moves to the edge of the box, careful to protect the chicks from her talons, there’s some calling and she flies off, both chicks stand and one preens. Meanwhile the watchpoint report seeing the male bring in a bird (prey) and the female appears and caught the prey.

1017 hrs both chicks defecate

1018 hrs the larger chick has a bit of a walkabout, it’s hard to tell if maybe the wind is making them wobbly or if it’s just a bit early for stable steps. Lots of chirping from this pair follows.

1020 hrs calling can be heard from outside and the male is seen on the South West pinnacle.

1023 hrs the female returns with prey. Initially the larger chick seems to be getting most of the food, but then the smaller chick got a good feed.

1027 hrs the female takes a couple of beak-fulls of food for herself

1028 hrs more calling can be heard, the female leave with the remains of the prey

1031 hrs the female returns and settles down on chicks

1100 hrs my shift ends with the female still taking care of her chicks

Approx 1115 hrs Hello world - look at me!

1120 hrs the watchpoint see an intruder and the males sees it off

1250 hrs both adult birds are flying about, the female is seen chasing a pigeon, the male landed near the top of the North East pinnacle and the female returns to the nest and is feeding the chicks.

1300 hrs As I start my shift, the Falcon is feeding the chicks, which now look like fluffy white penguins - last week they were tiny pathetic-looking little things.

1304 hrs the bigger chick gulps down a large chunk of food.

1306 hrs The Falcon leaves the platform with the remains of the prey, leaving the two chicks alone. They are buffeted by the strong wind and can hardly stand up against it. Come on big chick clean yourself up or are you saving that bit for later?!

1307 hrs the larger chick picks up a leftover titbit, the watchpoint see the female fly from the roof carrying the aforementioned prey presumably to cache for later.

1309 hrs the larger chick has a bit of a wander - actually more of a stagger - about the nest box, revealing the smaller one with a very full crop.

1310 hrs The Falcon returns after lapping the church and settles down to brood her offspring, although this is now becoming tricky due to their size. The larger chick pops its head out and the adult spreads her wing to cover it "mumbrella". The male lapped the church before settling on the North East pinnacle.

1311 hrs the male stetches his wings lapping the church agan and goes back to the North East pinnacle mobbing only to chase of a gull before returning.

1314 hrs the male decides to stir up the pigeons and everyone is airborne, he stooped after one of them then flew out of sight

1314 hrs The larger chick sticks its large talon out from under the female. She resettles to cover it again.

1321 hrs She has dozed off facing west, and the larger chick is partially uncovered.

1334 hrs The Falcon preens her back.

1345 hrs She sits erect and the older chick stretches its wing out, showing its developing pin feathers.

1347 hrs She clucks to the chicks

1350 hrs the male returns to the South side of the tower on top of one of the louvred window arches

1359 hrs She starts pecking at the gravel in front of her, moving the stones around with her beak.

1401 hrs A bit more clucking.

1402 hrs She cheeps gently, and then begins rearranging the gravel with gusto.

1403 hrs She is so intent on the gravel that she moves off the chicks, who are huddled up together behind her in a ball of down, talons and beaks!

1404 hrs She returns to the chicks and settles back on to them, now facing east, clucking as she does so.

1425 hrs the male is still on the South side of the tower having a jolly good preen

1430 hrs the male is heard screeching loudly, followed by a little chirping. There was a funeral at the church this afternoon for a 98 year old WW2 veteran and as his coffin left the church along with the Royal British Legion standards our Henry performed a fly past for him before settling back on the South side of the tower, a moving & spine tingling moment for those observing.

1445 hrs The Falcon stands and inspects the youngsters before snuggling back down to protect them from the wind.

1447 hrs A lot of distant shrieking from the Tiercel.

1450 hrs the female's attention is attracted by a fly. Meanwhile the male is sitting on the South ledge preening again.

1454 hrs the fly is back. She gives it a very serious look before pecking at it.

1500 As I finish my shift, she is settled over the sleeping chicks.

1520 hrs the male is still on the South ledge seemingly enjoying the warmth of the sun that finally came out.

1540 hrs the male moves to the South East gargoyle and begins plucking something, it appears to have been cached prey, he takes it into the box before emerging to sit on the North East pinnacle.

Thanks to Andrew & Val for blogging today & to John H, Ann, Bev, Jane & Richard C for another great day on the watchpoint and engaging with 171 visitors.

Photos by Jane:


The male in flight

The male – what a beauty he is!

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