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A VIP visits the watchpoint - CPP blog Sunday 30th April 2023

Cromer Peregrines blog – Sunday 30th April 2023

It was a warm calm day with sunny spells here in Cromer. Big thanks to Mick for doing a grand job on the watchpoint today where he managed to engage with 50 visitors today.

1214 hrs the watchpoint reports the male was seen on the North side of the South East pinnacle

1225 hrs the male took flight circled the church & landed on the South West gargoyle then off again & landed on North side of church. This was followed by a lot of calling, changeover? Female land on South East pinnacle & feeds

1257 hrs the female is seen by the watchpoint on the NE pinnacle

1325 hrs The Dean of St Albans visited the watchpoint

1359 hrs the Falcon is on now on a pinnacle not visible from watchpoint

1449 hrs the female is seen on the South West pinnacle

1456 hrs the male is observed fly off in a South Easterly direction

1500 hrs as I start my shift the male is currently on egg incubation duty

1515 hrs the male continues to sit on the eggs and is alert & looking around him

1540 hrs the male is now pecking at the gravel

1618 hrs the male is alert and looking around

1636 hrs the male fly off the nest box and the female takes over incubation duties

1642 hrs the female is now pecking at the gravel as she sits on the eggs

1700 hrs as I end my shift the female remains incubating the 3 eggs

Thanks to Brendan for his afternoon blog.

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