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A sleepless night for the falcon! CPP blog Tuesday 28th March 2023

It’s been a cool, windy & very wet rainy day here today.

Let us take you back to 0038 hrs last night and the female was seen being very defensive of her egg / scrape / the nest box.

A video clip can be viewed here

0612 hrs the female (falcon) left the nest box giving us a clear view of the scrape. It’s highly likely whatever the female felt was threatening her / the box last night has further delayed what we hope will be further eggs. There is still time yet though.

0614 hrs the female can be seen returning to the box and after a short shuffle and some bobbing about settles herself back on the egg.

0900 hrs my shift commences with the female (falcon) in nest box with her head tucked under her wing and the visible eye closed

0905 hrs the falcon has a look round and a yawn and then puts her head back under her wing

0913 hrs the male (tiercel) can be heard calling from out of shot, the falcon is alert

0920 hrs the falcon stands and looks around then moves to edge of nest box….

0922 hrs …and then disappears from view, leaving the egg unattended

0929 hrs calling can be heard from out of sight

0932 hrs the tiercel come into the box, bobs around over egg, then settles down

0936 hrs tiercel chirping

0943 hrs tiercel chirping

0947 hrs tiercel snoozing with one eye closed

0954 hrs tiercel repositions on the egg

1015 hrs the falcon appears in box. Tiercel squawks for a bit, as if reluctant to leave the egg, but he does so, and leaves the box. The falcon repositions the egg then settles down.

1019 hrs it has been very windy, with feathers being literally ruffled

1026 hrs the falcon appears relaxed

1035 hrs the tiercel can be heard calling, the falcon is alert

1046 hrs the falcon appears relaxed, alternately opening and closing one eye

1100 hrs my shift ends with the falcon having a snooze.

12:20 hrs Getting set up for my first session of the season, the falcon is currently sitting on the first egg, which will hopefully be added to in the near future.

12:58 hrs the tiercel has recently taken over, shuffling around the egg, getting settled.

13:00 hrs the tiercel has relaxed into position, facing towards the camera and now only has half an eye on the outside world!

13:31 hrs he seems to be fully asleep now, with his head drooping down and his beak probably touching the gravel.

15:00 hrs This session ends as it started, with the tiercel in precisely the same position, facing the camera, seemingly asleep again.

1500 hrs as I take over to start the final shift of the day the tiercel remains hunkered down snoozing

1511 hrs he opens one eye, gives a chirrup then returns to full doze

1522 hrs he wakes and looks around, doesn’t seem to see anything that worries him and goes back to sleep

1526 hrs he lifts his head. It must’ve been drizzling and he looks a little damp now. Looks around with wide eyes, steps back from the egg, shuffles and bobs in his usual fashion and relaxes back over the egg with a few chirps

1539 hrs he is looking across the church roof

1544 hrs he’s now dozing again

1558 hrs the falcon can be seen approaching the box from the church tower roof, seen on the inset camera. As she enters the box the tiercel gives up his position quickly and makes a swift exit. This affords us a nice view of the egg.

1559 hrs the falcon soon settles herself over her egg, facing forward. After readjusting her position, she relaxes facing to the right, East.

1615 hrs she is alert and watching overhead.

1621 hrs she relaxes and sleeps.

1700 hrs as I end my shift the falcon is still asleep.

Thanks today to our volunteers Andrew, Peter and Julia for their stoic blogging.

Blog ends for the day.

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1 Comment

Mar 28, 2023

Thank you so much for this. It is fascinating to watch. 😃

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