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A quiet day today - CPP blog Wednesday 5th April 2023

There was a frost overnight again and today cloudy & crisp with a breeze blowing.

0900 hrs my shift starts with female on eggs looking relaxed

0905 hrs she shuffles round on eggs

0910 hrs the female is snoozing

0915 hrs the female now appears alert

0920 hrs she pecks at gravel, then spends a couple of minutes repositioning eggs

0929 hrs she shuffles round on eggs again

0930 hrs the male can be heard calling from out of view

0945 hrs the female appears relaxed again

0958 hrs she is alert again

1015 hrs she is snoozing again

1021 hrs the male is calling again from out of view and the female is alert

1023 hrs the male is visible in the inset camera, just outside the box. He’s calling loudly, perhaps demanding a turn on the eggs. Female doesn’t seem to want to budge.

1024 hrs the male flies off, the female is still alert

1030 hrs the female is really alert now, the male is calling again from out of shot

1032 hrs the female shuffles around on eggs

1036 hrs she puts her head down for another snooze

1037 hrs the male is calling again. Female pecking at nearby gravel, then half stand to reach the gravel further away.

1038 hrs she spends a couple of minutes shuffling around on eggs. Not much else happens until…

1044 hrs she becomes alert once more

1051 hrs the female has a good look round while male calls from out of view. He is very vocal this morning!

1054 hrs the male appears on the roof outside box then comes in. There is a bit of chirruping, and the female leaves box, fairly sharpish. The male settles down on eggs.

1057 hrs calling can be heard

1100 hrs my shift ends with male alert and looking around but dutifully still incubating the eggs

Today’s blogs ends – thank you to Andrew for blogging today.

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