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A persistent intruder. CPP blog Monday 3rd April 2023

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

0900 hrs as I start my shift it’s a sunny, 8 degrees with a moderate breeze and the Falcon is on scrape facing right (East)

0906 hrs the Falcon rearranges her eggs and herself

0920 hrs she appears unsettled, pecks at gravel and is facing to the right (East)

0922 hrs she is calling loudly

0929 hrs she calls, looks about and resettles facing right (East)

0930 hrs she calls loudly again

0935 hrs she is alert and looking about then resettles

0947 hrs she calls loudly and again, at last here he is. A quick swap and he settles with a bob or two facing away

1021 hrs the tiercel bobs and settles facing right (East)

1100 hrs all well as I leave the screen to end my shift

1102 hrs the tiercel leaves the box

1104 hrs the falcon enters the box

1149 hrs the tiercel comes back and the falcon leaves

1159-1259 hrs the tiercel is incubating the eggs

1248 hrs the watchpoint report an intruder, a female Peregrine, made several flights around the tower before the resident male left his perch on a pinnacle to case it off, the resident female stayed on the eggs.

1255 hrs the Tiercel is sitting in the scrape, facing the back of the box with the sun shining on him. He looks around from time to time

Approx 1255 hrs the intruder came back as was seen off again (possibly by the male) observed by the watchpoint

1259 hrs with much calling the Falcon suddenly arrives and stands over the Tiercel, after a few seconds he yields his place to her. He makes his way to the front of the box and leaves. Meanwhile she continues to chirrup as she settles onto the eggs, facing south-east.

1300 – 1327 hrs the female is resting contentedly on the eggs, alternating between unihemispheric sleep and looking around

1327 hrs something gains her attention - maybe a fly? Whatever it is, she follows it with her head

1329 hrs the bong of the church bell makes her look up briefly

1330 hrs she has a brief peck at the gravel before resuming her nap

1333 hrs there is a loud screeching from the Tiercel - he sounds very close by, maybe on the roof though I can't see him meanwhile the watchpoint reports the resident male returns to the pinnacle, doesn’t appear to have any food with him, lots of calling can be heard from the female

1334 hrs the Tiercel continues to call, and the Falcon takes this as a cue to rearrange the eggs beneath her, turning them with her beak before settling back to brooding facing away from the camera.

1335 hrs the Tiercel is still making quite a din. The Falcon pecks at the gravel.

1336 hrs more gravel pecking

1337 hrs she has a quick preen before once more rearranging the eggs. She is now facing south-east again.

1345 hrs the female is suddenly much more alert and the Tiercel arrives and bows to her

1346 hrs -1348 hrs the male stands on the platform while she continues to incubate the eggs, showing no sign of wanting to shift.

1348 hrs both resident peregrines are on the box (from watchpoint)

1349 hrs the male turns and leaves the nest box

1350 hrs watchpoint reports that one of the pair leaves the nest box and upsets the local pigeons before landing on the South East pinnacle.

1354 hrs the male is seen by the watchpoint to fly a couple of circuits of the tower and settle back on the far side of the North East pinnacle

1358 hrs the Falcon stands and shuffles the eggs, and then settles back facing east. She pecks at the gravel a little

1400 hrs she is back up off the eggs and gives them a thorough turn before sitting back down facing West.

1401 hrs she preens her neck

1407 hrs after a quick chirrup she rises quickly from the nest and walks to the front of the platform, calling all the time as the watchpoint witness the intruder come back, she lands on the North east point and is chased off by the male, the female get up from the eggs but stays on the edge of the nest box. The male and the intruder fly off to the South West.

1408 hrs she stands on the edge of the box for a few seconds and then returns to the eggs, where she wriggles about until she is comfortable, now facing east again. She continues to rest like this.

1429 hrs the half hour church bell bong is accompanied by the sound of gulls calling, which piques her interest a little.

1434 hrs -1436 hrs she pecks at the gravel in front of her and to either side, stretching her neck further and further, until she can no longer reach without standing, revealing the eggs.

1437 hrs she turns through 180 degrees and tucks the eggs beneath her. She resumes gravel pecking in this new position, once again stretching so far that the eggs are visible.

1438 hrs she turns again to face east, but quickly rearranges herself to face south towards the camera. She snuggles down and looks like she is going to settle now.

1441 hrs the male returns and the watchpoint report he lands on the North East point.

1448 hrs she is alert and looking up and round.

1456 hrs the female stands and moves the eggs around. It takes a little while for her to find a position that she likes.

1457 hrs she is finally settled back on the eggs. But no, she is still fidgeting and turns the eggs with her beak before settle back down again

1458 hrs great views at the watchpoint of the male flying around before returning to his perch on the North East point.

1459 hrs the clock strikes three and she now appears relaxed, facing east in the sunshine as my shift ends

Blog ends for the day.

Thanks today to our blog volunteers today – Chris, Debbie, Julia & Val along with Bev, Richard and Jane on the Watchpoint to which there was 158 visitors.

1812 hrs our cameraman captures Poppy resting sun on a fleur de lis in the late evening sun

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