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A brave pigeon! CPP blog Tuesday 25th April 2023

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

1251 hrs The Falcon is on the eggs as I start this session, bathed in sunshine (the Falcon, not me!), apparently dozing (also the Falcon!).

1259 hrs She stirs and looks around for a few seconds, which may just be a fly distracting her.

1300 hrs the Falcon is on the eggs and the watchpoint report the Tiercel in on the North East pinnacle.

1307 hrs The Falcon begins picking at stones just in front of her.

1309 hrs She gradually moves forward in her stone picking, leaving the eggs behind her.

1310 hrs After a few moments, she stands, turns and shuffles into place over the eggs, now facing North, into the back of the platform. Her body is still moving, suggesting that she has resumed stone picking, although this is not visible on the inset camera.

1320 hrs The Falcon looks back over her right shoulder for a few seconds, but makes no sound.

1325 hrs The Tiercel flies around the tower several times and lands on the inside edge of the South West pinnacle and is calling.

1327 hrs There are calls from the Tiercel, off camera. The Falcon looks round briefly, but does not react further. Then she gives a couple of very brief calls in response.

1334 hrs The Tiercel gives some more calls, and the Falcon looks over her shoulder. She watches for several moments, then has a couple of brief shuffles.

1342 hrs The Falcon’s head comes up sharply, and she shuffles in place again, looking over her shoulder probably as she sees the Tiercel who the watchpoint sees leaves the South West pinnacle

1344 hrs She is distracted again, presumably by a fly of some sort, then has a quick preen under her right wing. She is quite alert again, but then appears to have another root around under her wing. Her head has gone still, so perhaps she is trying to sleep? At the same time the watchpoint indicate the Tiercel is on the North East pinnacle.

1350 hrs The Tiercel arrives on platform, first seen in the inset screen, and amid much chirruping, the Falcon stands, then leaves. He settles on the eggs, facing North as the Falcon had been sitting before.

The watchpoint observe the Falcon fly around the tower and land on the ledge by the South West pinnacle

1352 hrs The Tiercel sits, but alert, checking over his left shoulder before gradually relaxing to the job in hand.

1400 hrs the Falcon leaves the ledge, flies about and lands on the East parapet, she proceeds to pluck cached prey and there are feathers everywhere!

1401 hrs The Tiercel begins chirping, looking over his right shoulder. He remains looking over his shoulder for several seconds, but gradually relaxes.

1410 hrs The Tiercel stands and shuffles the eggs under him. He bobs up and down to get the eggs in the right place, but takes a couple of goes before he is happy, by which time he is facing more or less East, to the right of the platform as we see it.

1415 hrs she is still eating, the prey appears to have orange legs (maybe a Redshank or Oystercatcher?)

1422 hrs The Tiercel gives what looks like a hiccup, then works his beak as if something didn’t taste too good or attempting to regurgitate a pellet?

1425 hrs lunch is finally finished

1426 hrs He looks around several times, then picks at a couple of stones before quickly preening under his right wing. He shuffles his feet, then picks at one or two more stones.

1431 hrs The Tiercel has at least one eye closed, which does not flicker as the church clock strikes the half hour.

1440 hrs Having dozed for a few minutes, the Tiercel begins picking at stones again.

1452 hrs the Falcon flies around the tower several times putting on a great display for the watchpoint visitors!

1453 hrs she lands on the North East pinnacle

1500 hrs This session ends with the Tiercel sitting on the eggs, having just looked up, alert for some reason.

1502 hrs the watchpoint see the Falcon fly around and then onto the roof of the church tower ready for changeover

1503 hrs a brave pigeon decides sitting on the Fleur De Lis is a wise idea! Have a watch as the Falcon approaches

The falcon can be seen flying in from the south. She flies directly into the box and after a very brief vocal exchange the Tiercel leaves. The falcon quickly settles over the eggs facing North West. The watchpoint see the Tiercel fly from the roof and land near the top of the North East pinnacle

1532 hrs a quick flight from the Tiercel is observed from the watchpoint below, he lands on the Eastern parapet seemingly to finish off the cached prey the female started and left.

1537 hrs he is now on the North East pinnacle

1539 hrs She stands and repositions herself, now facing South East

1545 hrs the Tiercel is observed to fly off Northwards

1556 hrs The tiercel can be heard calling

1557 hrs he calls again

1620 hrs The falcon is still in the same position. Calling is heard briefly and she becomes alert, looking upwards mainly towards the East and the South.

1622 - 1624 hrs She is agitated and chirps loudly. She stands and looks out along the roof. Settles back down over the eggs.

1625 hrs She seems relaxed now

1634 hrs She is dozing

1641 hrs The tiercel approaches from the roof and they changeover duties greeting each other with a few chirrups. The falcon leaves quickly and the tiercel takes his place incubating the eggs, facing North towards the back of the box.

1647 hrs The tiercel shuffles around to face the SE bobbing to get himself comfortable over the eggs.

1700 hrs As todays shift comes to an end the tiercel is settled and dozing in the late afternoon sun.

Thank you to Peter and Julia for today’s blog.

The watchpoint was open today although not in it’s usual format due to building works in our usual spot outside Cromer Museum but Tim and Val kept calm and carried.

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