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CPP Wednesday- 12/04/23

10:58 We start with the Falcon sitting on the eggs with her back to the camera. The sun is shining on and off and the wind is ruffling her feathers a lot.

11:11 The Tiercel arrives and the Falcon leaves. We see the eggs and I note that one is much paler than the other two. On the overhead camera we can see the difference in size of the two parents. He struggles to cover the eggs and splays out his wings. He has his back to the camera.

11:15 The Tiercel lifts his head and looks around 11:17 He shuffles the eggs 11:20 He is alert and turns his head round repeatedly for the next few minutes. 11:30 He shuffles the eggs again and we get a glimpse of them and then rotates clockwise across the box. 11:32 A few cheeps from him. 11:34 A fly distracts the Tiercel. 11:49 A quiet period with the Tiercel snoozing intermittently. 11:56 The camera goes blue and wont reset. Message sent to Admin 12:20 Camera being reset now, thanks. 12:21 Back online, we have the Tiercel in full sunshine facing away from the camera and his feathers fluttering in the wind. 12:29 The Tiercel lifts his head up and the church bell tolls the half hour.

12:38 Changeover. The Falcon flies in from the north and lands on the runway about half way along and walks up to the box, the two changeover with the minimum of fuss or noise and she settles on the eggs initially with back to camera.

12:40 She moves round and settles with head in the sun pointing out.

13:01 Falcon is sitting peacefully in the sun.

1400. The falcon is sitting over the eggs.

1416. The tiercel can be seen approaching the box along the church roof. He enters and the falcon immediately leaves. The tiercel chirps and watches her go then settles over the eggs facing the back of the box.

1439. He bobs and accidentally pushes one of the eggs forward. He turns gathering it back underneath him, settling to face to the right, East.

1535 Apart from an occasional bob the tiercel hasn’t moved. He has gradually shuffled around to face left, West.

1615. He is chirruping and looking out, perhaps the falcon is nearby.

1616. He is staring down the church roof and is alert. Nothing comes of this and he settles.

1623 - 1635 He is looking outwards, still relaxed. He hunkers and dozes.

1648. At last some movement. The tiercel has shuffled himself around to face right.

1700. As the shift comes to an end for today the tiercel remains incubating the eggs.

Thank you to today's volunteers- James and Julia

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