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CPP blog- Monday 22/05/2023

00.00 Two blobs up the corner, no parent in sight. Asleep but with the occasional twitch and gentle movement as they breath it looks a bit breezy as the prey feathers wave around, in particular one pigeon feather trapped like a flag in the gravel at the front of the box.

01.30 looks as though it is raining. Drops on the camera slightly obscuring the view, but 2 chicks huddled asleep in the corner, seemingly oblivious to the change in the weather.

01.31 mum comes into the box, checks the chicks are ok then moves away again towards the front of the box, then back closer to the chicks.

1.57 still raining. Mum isn’t right up against the chicks but by how she is position will be protecting them from the weather. She seems to be far enough into the box to stay dry. I wonder how wet dad is getting.

02.06 mum having a preen. Both chicks awake but happy to stay tucked up their corner. They have a bit of a tussle but then settle down again.

02.16 seems to have stopped raining and camera now clear of drops.

04.13 mum moves to the front of the box, pauses for a while then launches into the night.

04.41 ?dad comes into the box. Looks a bit unsure what to do. Probably because he doesn’t get much practice. The chicks are whistling and look almost as big as dad. Older one is 20 days old today!

04.57 the chicks are awake and looking around. Moving from one corner to the other. On the fast forward it looks quite comical.

05.03 dad leaves. Chicks still calling.

05.04 big chick has a real flutter of its wings.

05.06 mum comes back. Chicks look pleased to see her, but slightly upset that she hadn’t brought food back with her. Lots of chuntering.

05.19 Night vision turns to day. Mum and chicks snuggled up at the back of the box.

05.56 time for a shuffle round. The kids do sound hungry.

06.30 mum leaves, lands on ridge of roof. Lots of adult calling can be heard.

06.31 dad comes in with a small bird, black and white. Larger chick grabs it from him and takes it back into a corner all for itself. Mum who arrived seconds after dad wrestled the prey from the chick, moves it back to the centre of the box and starts to feed both chicks. Dad leaves.

06.39 All gone, mum snuggles up but chicks, both crops full, aren’t ready to settle down yet and won’t sit still.

06.43 they’ve just about settled down, just the odd bit of chatter.

07.11 mum does a bit of housekeeping then hops onto rail on east side of box. No shadow today, a grey day compared to the brilliant sunshine of the last 2 days.

07.26 little chicks turn to move about and off load. Big one snoozing.

07.30 adults calling offscreen, shadows over box as dad lands, bringing in what looks to be just a head. Feed 2. He drops it as mum charges in behind him and leaves very quickly, mum takes over the feed as usual.

07.36 All food gone, mum moves to west side of box the drops down onto the roof. The chicks have a bit of a walk around the box, a stretch and a flap, a bit of pecking the gravel and the sit noses to the corner like naughty schoolchildren. Glad I don’t have the job of cleaning the box out at the end of season, it looks grim now.

08.22 Adults calling and 3rd feed arrives with mum. Another small dark feathered bird, or is it spaghetti bolognaise? Both chicks feeding. Little one getting most, then helping itself when mum feeds older one.

08.33 with food all gone mum moves to west side of box and drops down onto roof again. Chicks bed down for a nap.

The watchpoint crew are doing a fantastic job inspiring the next generation of Peregrine enthusiasts.

13.00 Two chilly looking chicks home alone, huddled together in the eastern corner to shelter from the cold wind. Male visible from the watch point on NE pinnacle.

13.01 The larger chick has a good preen.

13.03 The smaller chick has its back to the camera; its pin feathers are beginning to come through.

13.08 The older chick is still preening, while the younger one lies down for a rest.

13.09 The larger chick joins its younger sibling, though not for long.

13.17 The smallest chick stretches out a long yellow leg.

13.30 One or maybe both adults call loudly nearby and the younger chick awakens briefly.

The male returns with prey (pigeon).

Photo credits- Jane Crossen

13.31 The screeching continues but the chicks don't seem to react.

13.32 There is still screeching in the background. The older chick awakens and stands up, soon followed by the other one. Both chicks are looking up and watching something expectantly.

13.35 The younger chick defecates.

13.36 The older chick stands erect, showing off its fine yellow stockings, before marching to the western side of the box.

3.37 With the parents still making a din, the two chicks swap places so that the younger one is behind the older one, which lies down in front of it.

13.39 The youngest chick yawns. Still much shrieking in the background.

13:39 Tiercel plucking (pigeon) on the SE pinnacle.

Photo credits- Bev

13.40 Male flies with prey to the box.

13.41 Dinner at last! The Tiercel lands on the apex clutching prey, and the Falcon follows seconds later.

The Tiercel hops up onto the box with the prey, and the Falcon joins him. The Tiercel deposits the carcass and leaves the Falcon to feed the youngsters.

13.42 Both chicks are keen to feed and the Falcon tears off pieces of meat and gives them to her offspring. It is a very vocal affair, with much calling and whistling.

13.45 The older chick appears to be getting the lion's share of the food, so the younger one starts to pick bits off the carcass itself.

13.48 Now it's the younger bird's turn to get most of the food.

13.49 Big chick's turn.

13.50 Little chick's turn.

13.51 Both have bulging crops and are showing much less interest in the food.

13.52 The Falcon has a snack herself.

13.53 The youngsters decide they still have a bit of space left for a few last titbits.

13.56 The Falcon joins in with the meal, including gulping down a large foot!

Occasionally she passes a piece of food to the chicks.

13.58 The larger chick stretches tall, showing its plumage - its feathers are really developing

14.01 The youngsters can finally not be persuaded to take another mouthful so the Falcon leaves with the remains of the prey.

14.03 The two chicks snuggle together.

14.07 They are starting to nod off.

14.13 Two dozing chicks.

14.40 The two replete chicks are quite literally flat-out.

14.55 The younger chick is stirring but the older one, with its darker face, remains asleep

14.57 Both awake and quite alert now. The older chick relieves itself.

15.00 They settle back down, with the older one having a bit of a preen.

237 visitors today at the watchpoint.

Thank you to today's volunteers- John, Ann, Bev, Richard, Jane, Jim and Valerie

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