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Thursday 6th May 2021

Thank you to Julia Barbara and Sue for todays blog

8.30. Good morning everyone. It’s a dull day in Cromer. As I start today I find the Falcon, Poppy, standing on the front right corner facing towards the scrape, preening. The outside camera is showing the right side of the NE turret and a dark view of the sea.

8.51. There is some chirruping and the Tiercel. Henry, enters the box, a quick changeover as the Poppy leaves.

8.52. Poppy is caught on the outside camera flying away left to right towards the lighthouse. The Tiercel settles down into the scrape facing forwards.

9.15. There is a flash of wing feathers below the fleur de lis, maybe Poppy returning.

Henry comes to the front of the box looking out.

9.27. Bong, half hour gone. Henry remains in the same position, preening at times.

9.41. Something catches his attention, he stares to the right.

9.43. He returns to the scrape and settles down facing forward. A faint call can be heard, he stands, lays down, stands up immediately and returns to his duty at the front.

9.57. The wind is getting up rustling his feathers. As the clock strikes the hour and the sky darkens he returns to the scrape and lays down facing to the right.

10.00. Camera pans and finding nothing settles on the SW turret now in shadow with rain appearing on the lens.

10.38. He wakes and pecks at gravel in front of him before dozing off again.

10.58. The bell tolls the hour but Henry doesn’t respond he is still sleeping. All is quiet and no sign of Poppy.

15.00 I have a split screen so to speak, one Peregrine outside and one on the scrape, presumably Poppy, now just Poppy sitting

15.14 outside camera moving around, I guess looking for Henry, but nowhere to be seen. Sea looks really blue, but it is very cold out there.

Pity that we are not going to see any young this year, but who knows

15.24 Henry has returned and Poppy has left (I am not sure which is which) but it looked like a larger bird coming in so it could be the other way round.

15.43 Poppy/Henry Preening

15.53 No change

16.00 No more to report

16.00 Sitting in scrape looking out. (Poppy)

16.05 Preening claws

16.06 Faces right. Turns round. Stands up then

16.07 settles down in scrape facing out and stands up pecking at gravel.

16.10 out of scrape lying down pecking at gravel

16.11 stands up turns round and facing out alert

16.14 back sitting in scrape facing right.

16.15 pecking at gravel

16.16 pecking at gravel in back right hand corner.

16.18 back sitting in scrape pecking at gravel.

16.20 sitting up alert.

16.24 intermittent preening.

16.29 still standing facing right.

16.42 - 17.00 hours sleeping with head tucked into her body.

No sounds of squawking during whole hour.

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