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Sunday 7th June 2020

9.00 No 49 on the box, two on the roof.

9.35 Adult (Tiercel) arrives with a kill

9.38 2nd eyass arrives to join in feeding. No sign of third eyass

9.39 Tiercel flies off

9.49 Male eyass leaves the box leaving the female alone. The two young males can be seen on the far side of the roof tiles, although sometimes only one in sight and sometimes neither.

10.29 Female is joined in the box by one of the males.

10.36 Male leaves the box again. Female is asleep.

11.00 Same situation - no birds in sight on the roof.

11.00 Number 49 female chick lying sleeping. Weather windy and rainy raising the feathers on her back as she tries to keep warm. Other two 47 and 48 nowhere to be seen.

11.14 She lift her head and looks round for a short while settles back down and carries on sleeping.

11.16 One male jumps into the box, walks around looking for scraps, finds some in the corner and pecks on it.

11.19 Continues eating and also does some preening. He then goes towards number 49 and disturbs her she gets up stretching her wings and start preening.

11.27 Both birds are now standing in the box looking out.

11.28 Female number 49 starts preening. She also begins to scrat searching for scraps to eat .

11.39 Male bird jumps into the box with prey in his claws goes to the corner and starts to eat it

11.40 Male and female fight for the prey but male gets it and takes it in the corner and carries on eating it.(For a long period Male carries on eating prey, female just looks on, stands preens and wandering about) .

11.54 Female approaches male and snatches pray

11.55 Male flies out and flutters down the roof out of sight, Female carries on eating prey.

12.01 Female finished meal and hops out of the box onto the roof and walks down and out of sight.

12.23 Two birds both males ( I think) appear on the roof ridge preening and wing fluttering.

12.25 One male with prey comes into the box Second bird flaps down the roof out of sight.

12.27 Number 47 carries on eating the prey inside the box at -

12.36 Finished eating and jumped out of the box onto the ridge.

12.39 I’m not entirely sure but it appears that the bird is actually standing on the masonry looking out over the town.

12.44 Third floor is down the roof and out of sight.

12.45 No sight of birds from this time up to end of shift at 13.00

13.00 As I start my shift there is no one home.

13.05 Camera change. Female chick 49 and a male chick are out on the west side of the roof preening.

13.19 Still in the same position, looks windy, bit of camera shake.

13.22 49 stretches her wings.

13.27 49 wing flapping.

13.28 49 hops to the side of the walkway and out of view. The camera pans round picking up a chick on the ridge.

13.30 As the camera is panning around we get views of an Adult on the SW pinnacle, on guard duty.

We see views of the coast. Pier, North Park. the SE corner, back onto the ridge where 49 is standing and 2 Male chicks on the W side.

13.33 All 3 chicks are now together on the W side until 49 exits right out of view.

13.41 49 comes back into view joining her brothers.

13.45 49 walks left out of view towards the box. 47 wing flaps and walks out of sight.

13.46 The camera changes to look inside the box. No’s 47/49 are there with an Adult who leaves almost immediately. Didn’t see any prey. Both chicks follow the adult to the front of the box and call. The Adult returns without prey and leaves again.

13.48 47 leaves the box.

13.49 Camera changes again looking out from the back of the box, 49 is inside and 47 is on the ridge.

13.50 47 returns to the box.

13.53 49 leaves the box and goes to the right where 48 was last seen.  47 picks at some prey remnants.

14.03 47 moves to the front left ledge, cleans feet.

14.04 47 leaves the box and walks out along the ridge, wing flaps and hops off to the right presumably joining the others.

14.44 49 comes back to the box, stands for a while, then lays down.

14.56 49 dozing. 47/48 still out of view.

15.00 One chick is in the box and 2 are walking around on the roof

15.20 49 is still in the box and is joined by her brother, he pecks at some prey in the box

15.22 The juvenile male wanders around the box

15.40 Male chick stretches his wings

15.43 Male chick hops onto the roof and flaps his wings

15.45 The chick in the box stretches its wings

15.55 A chick returns to the box

16.28 One of the young jump onto the edge of the box

16.30 The female brings in food and leaves it for the young to feed themselves

16.32 The adult female lands on the roof and returns to the box

16.33 Adult female flies off and all 3 chicks in the box

16.37 2 of the chicks are eating prey

16.40 One of the young leaves the box and flaps its wings on the roof

16.45 Another chick leaves the box and flaps wings on the roof

16.51 The remaining chick finishes eating and moves to the edge of the box

16.59 The chick stretches its wings

17.00 My shift ends with a single chick in the box

Thanks to Ann Cleall, James Ramshaw, Julia Ivison and Brendon Ollet for todays blog

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