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Sunday 24th May 2020

9.00 The young all asleep in the corner

9.20 Awake and alert

9.22 Kill brought in by Tiercel

9.23 Falcon arrives and takes over feeding

9.41 Young full and satisfied huddling back into the corner. Falcon then feeds herself, there is plenty left to eat

9.42 Flies off with remains of the carcass

11.00 Chicks alone moving around slightly number 48 at the the front.

11.02 Chicks all facing the back displaying their growing feathers, tail feathers still in the form of pinfeathers. primary are still partially developed secondaries and wing coverts more developed. There is still no obvious size differences between number 49 the female and the other two males 47 and 48.

11.03 All three standing up facing the back.

11.15 Chicks moving around then resting but staying mainly in the far left corner facing out.

11.30 Chicks all huddled facing each other.

11.32 Bird feeling restless stretching wings flapping and settling down.

11.43 All chicks moving around and settling at various stages

12.12 Birds becoming more active getting up preening and one bird picking at old bones and scraps

12.34 All birds up facing out an alert.

12.37 All standing to attention and looking out

12.38 Number 48 calling and number 47 flapping wings

12.47 Falcon flew in with no prey looked around

12.49 flew back out.

12.59 Two chicks still standing, no adult showing.

12.55 Camera panned out but no sign of Parent birds. Chicks finally settled my shift ending 1 pm

13.01 No. 49 laying at the front with 47/48  standing behind looking around. 47 preening.

13.10 47 stands and stretches, lays down on top of the other two.

13.15 All standing up looking SE and calling.

13.17 All still looking up in the same direction.

13.18 All standing and walking around, clearly seeing 48/49 tags.

13.19 Begin to settle down again.

13.35 All sit up facing inwards and begin preening.

13.44 Still all huddled together, occasionally a face popping out for a while.

14.03 All sit up alert. 47 stretches and stands upright, quite well balanced and walks around.

14.10 47 stands and stretches wings.

14.12 Camera zooms out showing a good view of the platform in situ and the Female sitting on top of the roof. Excellent view of the sea behind.

14.41 Female can be seen preening herself and showing those feet and talons! The breeze is blowing through her feathers. The chicks are a bit more active, all busy preening.

14.46 Some walking around and moving forward into the sun. The Female remains on the roof.

15.00 Chicks moving around the box and the female is sitting on top of the box

15.02 Female stretches her wings

15.10 Chicks doing wing flaps

15.15 Chicks moving around

15.25 One of the chicks goes into the corner of the box

15.35 A chick goes into the other corner of the box

15.39 Chicks calling

15.51 Male brings prey into the box closely followed by the female, the male leaves the female to feed the young

16.05 After finishing feeding the chicks the female hops onto the edge of the box then takes flight

16.10 Chicks settle down after the feed

17.00 As my shift ends the chicks are still huddled in the corner

Thanks to Ann Cleall, James Ramshaw, Julia Ivison and Brendon Ollett for todays blog

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