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Saturday 6th June 2020

9.00 All three chicks huddled in corner, camera changed to 1 from 3, you can see its raining 

9.20 All alert looking out calling, still in corner

9.21 Tiercel came in with food unable to see as chick 49 grabs it took to corner, chick 48 took a     wing from 49, chick 47 waiting patiently then had rest of carcass when 49 had had her fill

9.26 48 now joins 47 with carcass although 49 had food first 48 had most of the food

9.31 Tiercel came to nest but bought no food

9.38 All finished eating now back in huddle in corner

10.19 Camera changed to 3 

10.20 One chick went to edge of box (unable to read ring numbers on this camera) getting blown about, flap/stretching, having to hold on tight

10.23 same chick hopped onto roof tiles preening and exercising wings

10.25 Tiercel in with small pray unable to see leg ring of chick that had it 

10.32 second chick hopped onto roof tiles

10.51 Third chick now hopped on roof tiles

11.00 Camera looking out onto the roof. All chicks sitting close together on left-hand side of roof.

11.15 All three chicks preening on roof.

11.30 Chicks still together having moved further from nest tray. Occasional looks to the sky.

11.37 One chick returns to tray.

11.40 All chicks preening with enthusiasm

12.05 Chick leaves tray and rejoins the others.

12.26 Camera 1 showing lovely pictures of chicks huddled together on the roof in the sunshine.

12.36 Chick 48 leaves going down roof, the others watch.

12.38 48 returns with bones, probably from bottom of roof, Same chick leaves again leaving the bones.

12.43 One chick asleep the other resting head on ridge tile and tail on sleeping sibling.

12.46 Camera moves to tray. 48 feeding on bones, looking very grown up.

12.52 48 leaves tray.

12.53 Camera moves back to roof. 47 and 49 huddled together 48 preens. The chicks enjoy each others company.

13.00 Beautiful pictures of the three chicks on the roof.

13.00 All 3 chicks together on roof. One make is preening. Females’ adult plumage is much more apparent now.

13.09 One Male chick calling.

13.14 Female chick looking around. The Male chick is still calling.

13.18 Chick 47 up and stretching.

13.32 All chicks suddenly up, alert and calling. Male chicks disappeared out of shot. Female chick remained in place and is still calling.

13.34 Camera moved round to nest box where one of the Male chicks if feeding on a prey item, presumably just dropped there by an adult - hence the sudden excitement.

13.37 Both males feeding on prey item.

13.38 Chicks having tug-of-war with prey.

13.39 Chick 47 came to front of box, had a good flap, then left. Other chick still feeding on prey item

13.55 Male chick had flap and left Nest box.

13.58 Camera moving around to rest on Female chick. Shine seems to be removing the last of her down and giving her talons a clean.

14.03 Female chick wandered out of shot.

14.08 Camera now on Male chicks - both having a good flap.

14.12 All chicks out of shot.

14.16 Camera moved onto chick who are now on edge of roof overlooking Cromer. One is perched on fleur-de-lis.

14.18 Camera is following chicks as they wander around roof to other side.

14.20 2 chicks huddled together, the other chick a couple of feet away. All preening.

14.35 Female chick wandered out of shot. 2-3 raindrops partially obscuring view.

14.43 Camera zoomed in on males. Both alert.

14.49 Both males moved out of shot.

14.50 Chicks well spread out. Camera moving around, briefly settled on Female and one Male.

14.51 Camera now on nest box with one Male chick inside.

14.59 Male chick left box. End of shift.

15.00 No birds in box.  Camera pans round to one on the roof

15.14 2nd  bird appears

15.22 One youngster walks off towards the box

15.23 The other one follows. Camera pans to the box and the two chicks are being

fed by one of the adults

15.27 Third chick arrives - too late (No 48 ?)

15.29 No 47 pecking at the carcass

15.34 One leaves the box followed by No.49    -  Camera change

15.44 All out of view

15.49 Two on the roof together again

15.56 All three in view on the roof

16.03 The female (49) on her own on the ridge

16.13 Female calling like mad (white'eyelid' plain to see from time to time)

16.37 Stretches and walks off - camera changes to show her

join the other two on the tiles. After a little while,  all snuggle down together. It looks very windy.

17.01 All return to the box

Thanks to Mary Crane, Malcolm Crane, Andrew Gorton and Ann Cleall for todays blog

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