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Friday 8th May 2020

8.24 Male on the box brooding the 3 chicks

8.25 Changeover as the female takes over

8.48 Female has a good preen

9.08 Female has a stretch and settles down

9.59 Female pecks at the gravel

10.17 Female has a wander up to the edge of the box

10.20 Female departs

10.26 Female returns with food and begins to feed the 3 chicks

10.36 Female takes flight with the food

10.39 Female returns minus the food and settles on the chicks

10.43 Female shelters the chicks as the sun warms up

13.00 female brooding chicks, pushing them under her with bill,

covering with partly opened wings

13.16 female calling, then left nest bow, returned in few seconds with kill

13.17 female feeding chicks, can't identify prey as shielded by female

13.34 one chick sated, two others with bulging crops soon stop

feeding, female devoured remains of kill. Kill too mangled and with

too few feathers to identify on video.

13.39 female left

13.40 male arrived and attempted to brood chicks, which are already

too large to fit under him.

13.41 female back, male departed

female brooding chicks until 15.00, usually facing away, with wings

spread to cover them from direct sunlight, female gular fluttering to

cool herself

15.00 Falcon facing away and still

15.04 Stretches and turns to her right

15.05 Stands and rearranges herself and her clutch

15.06 Chick excreted powerfully

15.08 One chick exploring, mum used her wing to recapture it

15.10 Falcon’s beak open as if she is panting (it is 15 degrees)

15.15 Chicks being allowed fresh air to cool

15.16 Falcon providing shade for chicks

15.19 She’s still standing, chicks sleeping

15.44 Falcon carefully walks off, looks out, returns to brood nestles over them facing away

15.50 Chicks under Falcon but she is partly standing to give them air and keep them the correct temperature

15.56 Falcon gently stands away from chicks and looks around

15.57 Falcon stands at front edge of nest and looks about

15.58 She’s gone from view, her brood wiggling about

15.59 She is back and chicks interested in food but there is none

16.00 Falcon stands near chicks and they all resettle

16.22 Falcon preens thoroughly

16.28 Falcon calling out and look alert

16.32 Falcon stretches and looking out, chicks in her shade

16.36 On edge of nest box, agitated, alert and calling out

16.40 She’s flown off, chicks wiggle gently

16.45 She’s back and resumes shading chicks

Julian Thomas, Debbie Colman and Robert Keatley

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