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Eggs not left unattended for a minute. CPP blog Thursday 6th April 2023

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

It's a grey, drizzly but calm day in Cromer this morning. As the church bells chime to signify 0900 hrs, the tiercel (male) is hunkered down, incubating the 3 eggs, with one eye shut.

0909 hrs The tiercel quickly and clearly reacts to something and seconds later the falcon (female) arrives at the nest box. There are a few auditory pleasantries amongst the pair before the tiercel quickly steps up and leaves the nest box. A quick and efficient changeover, as the falcon settles back down on the eggs to continue incubation.

0940 hrs the tiercel can be heard calling, off screen

1010 hrs the watchpoint report being able to see the male with prey (unidentified) on the south facing ledge of the church tower

1022 hrs After a long period of inactivity the tiercel can be clearly heard calling. Although he isn't visible from the nestcams he is clearly on the church roof as the falcon continues to sleepily incubate the 3 eggs.

1024 hrs the tiercel is seen by the team on the watchpoint to fly around the South East pinnacle with prey.

1025 hrs the watchpoint now see the male on the North Eat pinnacle this time with no prey

1039 hrs the tiercel is still being observed by those on the watchpoint and now flies to the South West pinnacle

Over the next 30 minutes the tiercel continues to call off and on, out of view but the falcon seems unresponsive to the male's calls as she continues to close her eyes and incubate the eggs.

1050 hrs the tiercel flies towards the nest box

1051 hrs After all his calling the tiercel comes back to the nest box and there is yet another quick and efficient change over. The tiercel struggles to cover all 3 eggs as he faces the back of the box, facing away from the nestcam.

Seconds after this changeover the watchpoint see the female preening on the South West pinnacle

1100 hrs the Tiercel is incubating. Facing to the rear of the box away from the windy wet conditions

1133 hrs a loud siren heard from the street which startles the sleepy Tiercel temporarily. He appears to be pecking at the gravel but hard to see exactly as he’s still faced away from the camera.

1135 hrs a quick shuffle and change of position

1159 hrs another shuffle and reposition

1217 hrs a Gull is heard calling loudly disturbing the Tiercel

1240 hrs time for a freshen up and preen

1300 hrs the Tiercel is still incubating as I end my shift

1259 hrs the tiercel is still on duty at the moment, having taken over just before 1100 hrs

1300 hrs The camera looking into the platform shows signs of rain on its cover, with occasional drops passing by. The breeze is quite fitful, ruffling the back feathers of the Tiercel as he sits with his head toward the back of the platform.

1309 hrs The Falcon lands on the roof ridge, and walks up, then hops, onto the platform, and after a few chirps, she takes over. The Tiercel leaves without any hesitation. The Falcon sits down over the eggs, exactly as the Tiercel had been, with her head to the back of the platform.

1319 hrs The Falcon looks over her shoulder as the rain continues, possibly heavier now, judging by the background noise and drops streaking past the camera.

1336 hrs Having had enough of staring at a blank wall, the Falcon shuffles around, so she is now facing more or less West (left of our view). Her head suddenly comes up for a moment, but then settles again. It may have been a sudden increase in the intensity of the rain.

1349 hrs The Falcon has been seemingly dozing, when she is suddenly very alert, head up, and looking around. This coincides with possible loud noise in the background, but may be unrelated. Whatever the case, she continues to stare about for several moments before gradually settling again.

1401 hrs The Falcon is looking around again, but nothing comes of it.

1421 hrs The Falcon turns her head to face toward the camera, showing that she has one eye shut. Then she gives out a couple of calls, and her head comes up as she surveys the outside world. The mini screen does not show anything of note.

1427 hrs The Falcon starts calling as the Tiercel lands back on the roof ridge. He walks over, and hops up. The Falcon is already on her feet, and to an exchange of twittering calls, she takes her leave. The Tiercel walks round the eggs and after a few chirrups, settles over them, once more facing the back of the platform.

1433 hrs The Tiercel looks over his shoulder, then after a few moments, a random feather blows into view. Presumably the Falcon is feeding off camera to the right. It is a very pale feather, with some darker bands, maybe dark grey. It sticks to the front edge of the platform and waves in the breeze. The Tiercel watches for a while, then resumes his staring at the back wall. The breeze is still very blustery, lifting feathers on his back.

1454 hrs The Tiercel stands, presumably shuffles the eggs out of our view, then settles back on them, still facing the back wall.

1500 hrs This shift ends with the Tiercel peacefully on duty, facing the back of the platform.

1500 hrs whoever is on the eggs has their back is to the camera so not sure who it is, just turned head round slightly, seems to be a bit more active but still not possible to see who it is, it’s quite windy.

1508 hrs the incubating peregrine is looking back towards the camera again, then tucking head in

1511 hrs they are preening their left wing then continuing to look back at the camera but not much movement at all

1536 hrs a Police siren startled it and made it look back a bit more but still no ID, then hunkered down again

1549 hrs another look back at the camera

1552 hrs now facing the camera and moving the eggs round, I believe it is the Falcon

1600 she is quite alert now

1600 hrs the male is sitting on the eggs, he’s very alert and facing East in the box

1607 hrs the male looks up listening to female

1609 hrs he is alerted by a dog barking

1617 hrs no change still facing East

1620 hrs he is very alert

1622 hrs he is shuffling around and checking the eggs & is now facing the front of box

1625 hrs he is very alert again & pecking at stones

1626 hrs he is shuffling again & can hear the female off camera

1631 hrs he is shuffling around. Changing position and now facing East again. Alerted by gulls calling.

1633 hrs he still appears very alert

1643 hrs no change but the Tiercel is now bathed in sunshine

1655 hrs no change

1659 hrs Poppy (the female) has just flown in and Henry (the male) scarpered straight away. Poppy settles on the eggs right at the end of my watch.

Today’s blogs ends – thank you to Mike, Sarah, Peter, Barb & Sue for blogging today.

Watchpoint volunteers today were Andrew & Stella, despite the rain they had visitors in just 2 hours this morning including people from Shropshire, Yorkshire and Suffolk as well as a few locals

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