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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 2nd Egg is Laid! 24/03/2022

9.00 Falcon in scrape, one egg visible.

9.01 She changed position and slightly kicked the egg, then suddenly behind the first egg, a second egg was seen.

9.02 She turned the front egg and looked at both.

9.03 She looks at eggs, rolled the front egg gently using the curve of her beak and neck.

9.06 She rests close to the eggs but they are both exposed.

9.13 She settles onto the eggs and rests

9.34 She looks around

9.37 She pecks at gravel pulling pieces towards her

9.38 She stands and repositions herself over the eggs

9.39 More gravel pecking

9.42 Falcon settles

9.48 She repositions herself with her back to the camera

9.57 She preens

9.58 She settles

10.34 Tiercel flies in and without greeting or briefing, she flies off.

10.35 He settles in for his shift

11.00 Bird brooding with its back to the camera (I think the Tiercel) Not asleep 11.40 Turning the eggs and changing position, pecking at the gravel for at least 5 minutes. Then settles down, but still awake. 12.05 Bird seems to be calling, but I do not have any sound (?) 12.12 Dozing but not asleep. Keeps opening eyes 12.22 Change over and I feel this is the bigger bird (Falcon) 12.28 Resettles 12.46 Turning eggs and resettling

1pm - The falcon is lying motionless spread over the 2 eggs, facing the back of the box

1.05pm - she gets up and shuffles about and standing over her eggs she checks them but soon returns to her original flat-out position

1:32 pm - The falcon stands up and for several minutes stands majestically over the eggs, snoozing with one eye continually opening and shutting in the beautiful spring sun of this afternoon. she sits back down at 1:42pm

2:31pm - after about an hour of dozing the falcon stands up again - looking fabulous in this light she stays upright and drifts off for several minutes. Keeping an ever watchful eye over her 2 eggs.

2:41 - She preens herself and you can see is having some muscle contractions. The period before laying an egg is often called 'egg lethargy' and she seems more active than she has been for a while.

2:42pm - The reason for her 'perkiness' becomes clear as the tiercel comes into the box. After 2 minutes of standing subservily at the front of the box the male leaves as she shows no attempt or desire to leave her eggs. After he has left she continues to preen herself.

2:51pm - The falcon pecks at the gravel, a behaviour often seen in egg-laying peregrines, before she settles down asleep on the eggs, facing out of the box.

15.00 hours

Sitting on eggs and having a doze

15.30 very sleepy

15.41 Moving eggs around and tidying up nest material, eggs nicely on display for all to see

15.45 Settled down on the eggs

15.56 Moving eggs round

15.59 Settled down, eyes open.

4pm Bird sitting on eggs. (falcon?)Alert. Other bird not in sight.

07 Closed eyes off and on

10 Moved off eggs. Looked out of box. Stood up. Wandered around box. Looked out then flew away at 11 past. Eggs uncovered. No sight of other bird still.

17 Flew back in box. ( same bird?)Sat on eggs straight away. Alert. Looked around.

19 - 44. alert and still sitting on eggs. Camera down for a short time.

46 Continued to sit on eggs and settled

49 - 53 checked eggs then settled down again and started pecking at stones.

54 slight shift of position .

58 eyes shut for a short time( or was that me !!)

59 alert again.

Thank you to todays volunteers: Debbie, Ann C, Mike H, Barbara and Sue W.

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