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Cromer Peregrines Activity Blog- 09/04/2022

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Blog Special Live from the Watchpoint in Cromer.

06.07, Henry arrives and takes over from Poppy. Makes himself comfy incubating his three eggs and falls asleep.

07.00, not much happening, but Henry still fast asleep.

07.50, Henry awakens and leaves, a minute later Poppy arrives makes her way to her eggs shuffles and makes herself comfy facing East.

08.15, Very quiet on the Eastern front with Poppy still incubating.

08.45, At last Poppy awakens decides to have a change of scenery, shuffles and settles down facing out from the nest box and falls asleep.

09.15, She's still fast asleep in the lovely Cromer sun.

09.22, Don't think there's going to be much action for a while

09.24, She must be getting bored, starts picking up stones and dropping them.

09.29, Once again Poppy decides to have another change of position giving us quick glimpse of her eggs, shuffles anti clock wise till she settles down facing West.

09.41, change over, Henry arrives to take over incubating.

10.00, That's all from me folks, Now handing over to the great bunch at Cromer Watch Point.

10.48 Falcon drops onto the the roof for an incubation change over. Male flies to NE pinnacle and starts preening.

Male flies off North at 11.09 he returns with prey it looks like a wader (red shank). He lands on the plucking ledge and feeds.

12.00 Tiercel mobs a gull.

12.14 Tiercel replaces the falcon in the box to give her some nest relief, the falcon flies South.

12.45 Falcon lands on the plucking ledge on the W side of the church. She walks along the ledge and eats something.

13.11 Falcon circles the tower and flies off out of sight.

13.14 Falcon takes over incubation duties on the nest box. The tiercel circles the tower and then sits on the East side of the tower preening.

15.00 Male flew there and then went into the box for an incubation change over. The Falcon lands on the N side still in view from the watchpoint.

15.10 Falcon is preening.

15.30 Falcon flew to the S side of the spire and landed out of view.

Thank you to todays volunteers who all helped at the watchpoint- Mike, Brendon, John, Rachel, Jan, Debbie and Eddie.

Thanks to Graham for the morning online blog

Thanks to Rachel and Brendon for the photos.

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