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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog 11/05/2022

A big thank you to Graham, Peta, Debbie and Andrew for today's blog!

09.00 Morning All, Start of another blog, Unfortunately with the death of one of our chicks we have only one chick now. It's being well feed, she's had three meals so far this morning.

09.13 In comes Henry with prey, its immediately taken from him by Poppy, she turns and start feeding her one and only chick. Henry departs as quick as he arrived.

09.23 Feeding time finished, Poppy shimmies down on her only chick, gets comfy facing North.

10.01 Henry arrives once again with small prey, takes over to Poppy where he starts plucking and eating it in front of her, it's when Poppy tries to take it from him, he picks it up and leaves with the remains. She settles down facing North once again.

10.40 All very quiet on the Eastern front with Poppy in the same position facing North.

11:00 Falcon with back to camera shielding chick from cold wind.

11.15 A beak peeks out from the left side but quickly retreats. The unhatched egg is showing to the right of the bird.

11.20 Falcon seems to be pecking at dead chick in the nest and turns around.

11.25 Falcon leaves box. Only one chick moving around. Occasional peck at the carcase of the dead chick. Chick sits up and looks around and preens.

11.30 Chick flaps wings and moves around. Wing feathers can be seen growing under the down. Falcon comes back and covers live chick, dead one and the egg and sits with back to camera.

11.45 Falcon’s feathers being ruffled up by the wind. She looks over her shoulder occasionally but then settles down again.

12.00 Chick pokes head out again and Falcon looks around. Chick seems content to view the world without the warmth of the parent for a while.

12.05 Tiercel arrives with a small bird carcase (starling?). Falcon takes it and Tiercel leaves the nest. Falcon starts to tear at feathers to feed chick.

12.10 Falcon feeds the chick then turns to leave nest. Leaves box and the chick sitting up and looking around. No sign of the carcase but Falcon didn’t remove it. Chick’s crop bulging with food. Chick pecks as sibling’s carcase.

12.15 Falcon returns and covers live chick and settles down with back to camera. Her feathers are being ruffled by the wind.

12.25 Falcon sits up and surveys the chick underneath which seems to be wriggling around and spoiling her snooze. Falcon looks around and tries to settle down again. The chick can be seen under her tail.

12.35 Falcon turns and tries to settle down again. Chick showing under her tail.

12.40 Falcon does a bit of preening of her left wing and looks around. Chick and egg showing. She settles down again trying to tuck egg underneath her. She remains alert and looking around over her shoulder.

12.45 Much more alert. Sitting up and looking about as though expecting the tiercel to bring food.

12.55 She settles down again and tries to doze covering chick, its dead sibling and the egg.

13.00 On this dreary, grey, wet day our mood is reflected as we feel disappointed about the passing of the small chick yesterday afternoon. The falcon is sleeping while protecting her chick. She is facing right. 13.11 She is alert and looking about. The tiercel brings in a feathery piece of prey. The chick wakes but the tiercel flies off with it. The chick pecks at the beak of its mum. 13.13 The chick shelters between the standing legs of mum. 13.20 The tiercel brings in plucked and meaty prey. The falcon quickly takes it and the chick tries to snatch it from mum. Mum snatches it back and the tiercel flies off. The dead chick and unviable egg are visible.

13.23 The meal is soon over and the falcon settles to protect her chick. 13.56 As the rain persists the falcon is looking more bedraggled. She is awake but very still. Meanwhile the chick wiggles a little. 14.53 The falcon is a little restless and reshuffles. The egg is not included in this position, the falcon looks at it and leaves it where it is.

1500: Falcon is in nest facing back of box. Egg is visible to the right. Very wet and windy up there. Falcon seems relaxed, occasionally looking around.

1510: Falcon alert and looking around.

1513: Chick pokes leg out from under mum and pushes the egg away slightly.

1514: Falcon stands as chick becomes more active.

1518: Chick pokes head out for a look around. Other chick just visible.

1525: Mum and chick both up. Chick defecates and mum leaves box. Chick upright and alert, dead chick just visible behind.

1528: Female comes back with prey and starts feeding chick.

1535: Female seems to having a feed herself. Difficult to tell from this angle. Chick is active and having a good stretch of its wings.

1536: Female removes what’s left of prey

15:38: Dad arrives in box, shortly followed by mum. The. Male then flies away.

1541: Female settles down on chicks and egg.

1615: Falcon has been in same position for a while now, occasionally dozing off or looking around.

1631: Live chick just visible under mum.

1634: Female up and alert with chick more visible.

1636: She has a really good preen.

1640: She’s now having a good look around.

1642: Chick shifting about.

1649: Starts raining heavily.

1700: Falcon now settled down, completely covering chicks and egg.

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