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Cromer Peregrine Activity Blog- 04/06/2022

Thank you to todays volunteers- Rachel, Graham

04.17 The Juvenile woke up early and took a short flight out of the nest box

06.06 The juvenile is perched on the roof

07.10 Breakfast arrives

08.47 The juvenile is stood by the north side of the tower, preening

09.00, Good Morning to you all.

09.03, Now you see her, now you don't.

09.10, Camera comes into action, no sign of the juvenile or parents.

09.14, Once again the camera springs into life scanning the roof top, eventually finding the juvenile feeding herself.

09.21, She drags the remains of the prey up the roof, disappears leaving the remains behind.

09.34, She's definitely keeping the camera person busy as the camera moves upwards finding her looking out to sea on the North side of the church roof.

09.53, It's all right for some, having a nice sleep.

10.16, She gets awoken by lots of calling out by one of the adults gets up and has a nice wing stretch. Thanks for Jane at the Cromer watch point for letting us know, there's an adult perched on the S /E pinnacle.

10.25, Back to sleep once again.

10.29, The juvenile starts calling out, the camera comes into action, scrolls around to find Poppy perched on the N/W turret.

10.32, Henry comes in and starts feeding his youngster.

10.46, Well feed, she settles on the North side of the church roof.

11.00, That's me finished, with the juvenile fast asleep.

12.00 Male perched on the middle of the tower.

12.18 The falcon is perched on the North turret.

12.43 The juvenile is taking some practice flights and doing a lot of wing flapping.

13.15 The male flew around the tower and then landed again.

13.20 The falcon flew off at speed SE

14.00 The female and male were seen hunting a pigeon together they disappeared out of sight.

14.06 Both adults returned together empty taloned.

14.09 The male departed and flew S.

14.30 The falcon flew around the church.

14.40 The falcon is preening.

14.43 Both adults flew off.

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