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CPP Thursday- 13/04/23

12:13 The Tiercel is sitting at the moment, but has just started chirping. He is currently facing into the back of the platform, with his back to the gusty breeze.

12:38 He shuffles round to face West, giving a few little chirps as he does so, but then further fidgeting as he struggles with the eggs, takes him back round to face into the back left corner, sort of North West.

12:46 The Tiercel is looking back over his shoulder, but makes no sound.

13:00 The Tiercel continues to face into the corner, but spends long moments looking to his left to see out of the platform.

13:23 The Tiercel seems more alert, with his head up, but after a few moments he relaxes back again.

14:13 Although his head is not visible, it seems likely that the Tiercel is picking stones, judging by the movement of his body.

14:42 The Tiercel looks round as what sounds like a jet passes over, creating a lot of noise! He continues to look back for several moments, before having another pick at some stones.

14:45 The Tiercel lifts up a little and shuffles about, adjusting the eggs under him. As always he struggles with three eggs. His maneuverings have him turn from one corner to the other, until he comes to rest, for now, facing the left rear of the platform (North West).

15:00 Session ends with the Tiercel still in place.

15.50 It is now calling so hopefully the other Peregrine will be coming in

15.52 Looks like the Falcon has just flown in and there has been a changeover, she is settling herself over the eggs.

16.00 Female sitting on eggs facing West.

16.01 -a little shuffle.

16.02. -suddenly alert then settles again.

16.08. - gusty winds. Continuing to face West.

16.17. - sleeping but then wakes up and starts pecking at the gravel

16.21 - shuffling - faces back of box the back to facing West and settled again.

16.33 - alert, looking out of box.

16.35 - hears the male. Heavy rain drops/ hail?

16.37 - very alert - looking out of box again. Rain on camera lense

16.43 - settled. Camera lense cleared.

16.50 - she is very still. Wind has dropped a bit . Rain stopped.

Thank you to today's volunteers Peter, Barbara and Sue.

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