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CPP blog - Tuesday 6th June 2023

0522 hrs only one juvenile is in box, looks like VXN. One is on the roof behind the box, looks like VZN, although they did start the night off tucked up together in the box.

0536 hrs the juvenile on the roof is rushing about. Can’t see a parent in view.

0541 hrs one juvenile is back on the ridge beneath the camera, then goes again!

0543 hrs it appears back at the front of the box and hops back in. Both spend some time pecking at the gravel and preening before settling down in the NW corner of the box, but not for long.

0553 hrs lots of calling but no adults in view.

0744 hrs VZN moves to front of box then comes back into the box for a while.

0814 hrs the cameras pan around looking for any sign of the adults but neither in view. Both chicks now settled in the box, pretending they’ve been asleep there all night, still there at 0900 hrs

0932 hrs the falcon (photo) on the NW pinnacle keeping an eye on her youngsters meanwhile the tiercel is high on the NE pinnacle

1149 hrs one of the adults watching closely what those two juveniles are up to

1253 hrs It is a good thing to start with both juveniles in view, on the platform on a very breezy day. They really are very flat out at the moment, keeping out of the wind as much as possible.

1257 hrs VZN has been awake for a few minutes, and has now stood towards the back of the platform. In turn VXN rouses up, and begins preening, although there is still a more significant crest of downy feathers on top of its head.

1300 hrs VXN has stood on some bony fragment, and picks it up for a quick nibble. Not much to be had, so it is soon dropped. No sign of the adults from the watchpoint.

1301 hrs VXN retreats into the right rear (NE) corner, and appears to have found something else to pick at. One of the parents calls off screen, but VZN continues preening in the middle of the platform undisturbed.

1313 hrs VXN comes out from the corner, finds another scrap to pick at, then walks away with it momentarily stuck to its foot. Then it’s VZN’s turn to go into the right rear to pick at a fragment.

1316 hrs Downy feathers are sometimes wafted around in a vortex after being discarded, which the juveniles have both watched with curiosity.

1318 hrs the sound of VZN’s gnawing on bones is clearly audible at the moment!

1320 hrs VZN is trying hard to swallow a bone, while VXN is struggling to shake off a downy feather which is caught in the corner of its beak.

1327 hrs Both juveniles have gradually moved toward the front of the platform, VXN being nearer the front edge, and with occasional preening still going on. It was looking as if VZN might be about to flutter down off the left front, then it moved to stand at the right front corner, close to the camera. VXN has again encountered a fragment, which it picks at for a moment before moving to face the back (N) of the platform, next to VZN who has moved back to the centre of the platform and is facing outwards.

1337 hrs the sound of something overhead has VZN looking upwards, whilst in the middle of a series of gapes.

1349 hrs Both heads are raised to watch something in the sky, or perhaps perched high on a pinnacle. No sounds are made, so not significant.

1353 hrs VZN has a long stretch of its wing, standing on one leg, then slowly arches its wings up, and down again.

1402 hrs VXN emerges from the right rear (NE) corner and moves rapidly to pick at a fragment in the foreground. After a quick look off to the left of screen it moves back over to the centre front of the platform.

1411 hrs Both juveniles have hunkered down again after an extended session of preening, huddled together for warmth to the left (W) side of the platform as we see it.

1414 hrs There is a solitary cry from one of the parents nearby, which does not attract any attention from the juveniles.

1430 hrs the watchpoint get their first view of a peregrine this afternoon, the falcon has flown in to sit on the gargoyle above the arches on the East side of the tower sporting an interesting blood-stained chest!

1438 hrs she’s gone again, it seems the tiercel was lurking out of sight on the NW pinnacle

1443 hrs the watchpoint report the male leaves the NW pinnacle and flies around the tower, a series of calls from one of the parents sets one of the juveniles off, probably VXN, as VZN has come to the front of the platform.

1444 hrs VXN continues to call, while VZN has gone out onto the roof ridge, had a vigorous flapping session and then down to the left in the inset. VXN almost follows VZN when the Tiercel comes in to the platform with food. VXN grabs it and runs off into the corner.

1445 hrs both adult birds are in flight calling and circling the tower

1446 hrs The Tiercel leaves, and VXN brings the prey out to the front of the platform, continuing to call, before taking it back into the corner. Meanwhile the falcon lands briefly on the nave roof

1447 hrs VXN flutters out to the front again, dragging the prey, but not sure what to do, standing on the prey, flapping its wings and calling. VZN meanwhile has come back up from the left of the inset screen to the roof ridge, still calling, then hops back up to the platform, watching VXN in the far-left (NW) corner with the prey. VXN then goes to the right corner with it, and VZN continues to watch from the edge as VXN seems to be tucking in.

1448 hrs the falcon lands on the top of the NE pinnacle

1450 hrs the male has a run-in with a Herring gull, he then lands on the gargoyle on the East face between the arches

1453 hrs the tiercel relocates to the SE pinnacle

1454 hrs VZN waits patiently, hoping to get a look in soon. There are further calls from on high, from one of the parents.

1456 hrs VZN looks up as if to say “where’s mine then?”

1458 hrs VZN stands preening for a while, then decides to go and politely enquire about sharing. There is an exchange of noises, mostly from VXN, so VZN moves away with nothing to show for it!

1459 hrs VXN is still munching away in the corner. VZN has moved over toward the other corner, picked at some scraps, and done some more preening work.

1500 hrs the session ends with VXN feeding in the right rear corner, and VZN stood on the left edge of the platform.

1540 hrs the falcon can be seen preening

1542 hrs the tiercel has a quick flight around the tower then returns to his spot on the SE pinnacle

1736 hrs Incoming! Watch the juveniles duck as one of the adult birds’ swoops in low!

A few captures of our growing juveniles:

Do you like my Mohican?

It’s mine!

Thanks to all our volunteers today: Kim & Chris on camera, Bev & Peter for blogging, & Roger, Val & Tim on the watchpoint engaging with 108 visitors.

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