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CPP blog- Sunday 04/06/2023

03.55 both chicks awake and looking around.

03.58 Z flapping and looking to the skies.

04.05 Z leaves the box for the first time today. She stands on the ridge, has a good flap as she moves towards the south.

04.10 She hops back in

04.13 she’s out again

04.30 she wanders down to the east parapet

04.36 she come back in and both chicks start to have a peck around and dried up bones.

04.52 she’s out again

05.08 she’s back!

06.01 with Z worn out, X has a look around.

06.52 both at the front of the box, X nearly pushing Z out. Adult calling and both immediately look up.

07.05 Z is off again.

07.26 she’s back!

08.01 both chicks screaming,

08.03 adult drops onto roof, Z is straight off the box to see what is going on. Mum hops up to corner of the box but X is in the way so she drops down to the roof on the west side of the box. X squawks after her.

08.05 Z comes back into the box with a bit of food and takes it into the corner.

08.06 mum hops into the box, no food, then hops up onto rail at east side of the box, her shadow showing on the gravel. Lots of noise from the chicks for a while then they go silent.

08.33 they’ve had a wander round the box but now decided to settle at the front in the sunshine.

0900 hrs Both chicks resting in the sunshine in the front of the box. Wind ruffling their downy feathers.

0905 hrs Calling heard off screen, both chicks look up

0907 hrs Calling off screen, only one chick looks up

0918 hrs One chick excretes outwards. This chick is much more alert than the other

0921 hrs Calling off screen. Both chicks are alert. Tiercel comes in with prey, a small brown (headless?) bird, delivers it to the back of the box and then he leaves.

09.22 hrs Chick Z goes to prey and is pecking, tearing and feeding herself. Chick X seems a little disgruntled but accepts situation.

09.28 hrs Chick Z still feeds while chick X preens and several of her downy feathers fly off. She also cleans her feet meticulously. She continues to preen her wings and back. Meanwhile chick Z still feeds.

09.34 hrs Chick Z takes prey to other dark corner and feeds. Meanwhile chick X preens.

09.38 hrs Lots of calling heard. Falcon arrives into the box and she plucks at the prey and chick X calls insistently. Mum feeds her while Chick X continues to call for more. Chick Z is content to stand by and watch.

09.46 hrs Feed for chick X continues.

09.49 hrs Falcon leaves the box and settles on the church roof, on a metal bar close by her brood. Chick X calls for her.

09.52 hrs Falcon flies off while the church bells call to worship

10.04 hrs Chick X settles down in the sunshine

10.07 hrs Chick X goes to back of box and then looks outward to the sea

10.17 hrs Chick x settles in the sunshine

10.17 hrs Chick Z comes to the front of the box and is on look out. Then she goes to the back of the box.

10.25 hrs Both chicks lie in the sunshine

10.31 hrs Suddenly both chicks wake and call insistently. Chicks go to the back of the box but then quieten and settle.

10.32 hrs Both chicks go to front of the box and look around overhead. Their heads move in complete synchronisation with whatever they are watching. Calling off screen. Chicks are alert and staring. The crops of the two chicks are showing and indicate full and not fulll.

10.36 hrs Calling by chicks and Tiercel delivers another small brown bird and leaves it in the back corner. Chick Z goes to the corner and pecks, pulls and tears the prey to feed. Chick X meanwhile calls as if to Mum to feed her.

10.47 hrs Chick X finishes feed and comes to front of the box and settles down.

10.56 hrs Both chicks sit in centre of box.

12:10 Adult female on SE pinnacle.

12:20 Flew

12:30 Female on inside of SW pinnacle

12:50 Hand glider scared pigeons

Photo credits- Mick Hill

13:17 Hand glider again peregrine flew from SW to NE pinnacle.

13:28 Male on SE pinnacle

13:59 flew off

14:00 Male returned to SE pinnacle

14:58 Male on NE pinnacle, stooped on a pigeon then returned empty taloned.

15:06 Chick stretching it's wings

15:19 Chick preening.

15:30 Chick stands up and starts calling.

15:34 Chick preening.

15:35 Chick flapping its wings, exercising.

15:39 Chick flapping its wings and walking around the roof.

15:41 Chick comes back to the nest box

15:44 Chick stretching its wings

16:41 Chick wing flapping

16:44 Chick on the edge of the box

16:46 Chick on the roof

16:49 Chick in the box flapping it's wings.

16:55 Adult with food took it to the chick in the box and then fed the chick on the roof.

16:57 Female feeding the chick on the roof and then the chick fed itself.

17:00 Chicks still feeding.

86 visitors at the watchpoint today.

Thank you to today's volunteers- Bev, Debbie, Brendon and Mick

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