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CPP blog - Saturday 27th May 2023

0000 hrs the chicks are motionless in the far-right (NE) corner. Other than the occasional stretch, shuffle, readjust, peck and preen they remain that way until …

0507 hrs one stands up, waking the other. A bit of a look around, not sure if it’s time to wake up or not. Over the next few minutes, the activity levels increase, looking around at least, but staying in the same corner.

0510 hrs the female in the early sunlight

0511 hrs VZN moves across the box and has a proper stretch of her wings before moving into the opposite corner and then back towards VXN.

0514 hrs some serious flapping

0515 hrs both chicks are pecking at remnants of food in the box and then start calling for breakfast

0517 hrs both chicks closer to the front of the box calling, then deciding breakfast isn’t coming yet both move back into the right-hand (NE) corner.

0524 hrs the camera starts to pan around giving us some lovely images of the early morning sun on the stonework and out over Cromer, and as it looks south, spots the male adult on the fleur de lis with his feathers ruffling in the breeze.

0541 hrs the chicks move to the front of the box, again calling loudly, but with no food arriving settle down again.

0627 hrs something is about to happen. Adult and chicks calling. Chicks sounding frantic. Dad brings in breakfast, very quickly followed by mum. Dad drops the food, backs into the corner, squeezes across the back of the box using the chicks as a shield then escapes at speed.

0639 hrs VZN has a larger chunk and sits at the front of the box trying to feed herself which gives VXN the slow attention of the female. VZN decides it’s too much like hard work and goes back to mum. Takes and discards a large leg and foot.

0648 hrs both chicks have lost interest so mum has a feed then flies off with the last remains. The chicks are now quiet, back in the corner, and just a small piece of meat at the front of the box as evidence of the meal.

0815 hrs the chicks are still asleep

1124 hrs lots of noise from chicks. From outside the church both adult birds on the South Fleur De Lis great views from across the road

1155 hrs eventually the female flew

1200 hrs the watchpoint opened and it was a glorious day

1210 hrs the male has a brief fly round then lands near the top of SE pinnacle above the female

1223 hrs the male flies off to the NE

1225 hrs the female also leaves

1235 hrs the male returns from the West and sits on seaward side gargoyle on NE pinnacle and is plucking prey. Feathers everywhere.

1243 hrs the male relocates to the South side of the SE pinnacle

1246 hrs the female is feeding the chicks

1300 hrs chicks without adults on nest, both standing and alert

1301 hrs the male flies briefly before landing on far side of SE pinnacle, near the base

1302 hrs adults calling off camera, VXN on right of view, can just see ring

1305 hrs VXN is preening sitting down, VZN still standing

1309 hrs VXN settling down next to VZN who is still standing, VXN wing stretch

1311 hrs VZN settling down and yawning

1313 hrs both chicks are lying down and VZN eating a piece of gravel

1317 hrs VXN walking at back of box and down again, VZN at front, performs a wing flap and stretch

1321 hrs calling heard and VXN approaching front of box, VXN behind and on right, picked up feather and pecking at it

1322 hrs both chicks calling

1324 hrs calling heard, both chicks at back of box upright and alert, VXN defecates

1328 hrs VZN preening, both sitting back now

1330 hrs VZN gaping repeatedly and scratching

1335 hrs VZN still gaping, stretching neck out and head up, either heat regulation or trying to bring pellet up? Meanwhile the watchpoint find the female on the West side Fleur De Lis

1338 hrs VXN on right lying down

1340 hrs VXN on feet and wing stretch

1344 hrs VZN still gaping and preening, both at back in shade, VXN looks sleepy and nods off, VZN more alert

1347 hrs VZN pushes VXN out of the shady corner, and settles down, VXN half in sun dozing

1350 hrs VXN perks up and preens

1352 hrs VZN awake, defecates out of box, and settles down

1355 hrs clear view of VZN’s ring, chick on left, both preening

1357 hrs can see feather development differences between VXN and VZN, with VZN more advanced

VXN wing stretch and gaping in sun

1400 hrs VZN still preening, VZN looking over edge of box, VXN wing stretch and goes to back of box

1402 hrs VZN standing and once again more alert than VXN

1403 hrs both adult birds nearby watching over their precious young

The Male (Tiercel)

The female (Falcon)

1407 hrs VZN settles down, dozy, VXN asleep at back

1410 hrs VZN on feet and stretching

1411 hrs both chicks walk towards the front of the box, adult heard calling close by

1414 hrs both settle down again, both towards back again, VZN leg and wing stretch

1415 hrs adult heard calling, VZN lots of wing flapping, adult called again, VZN flapped wings again

1417 hrs VZN heard and seen calling

1419 hrs VZN walks to back of box

1420 hrs VZN walks towards front, calls and defecates, walks to back

1424 hrs VZN walks towards front, preening

1426 hrs VZN settles down, VXN at back

1428 hrs VZN walking around

1432 hrs VZN standing and preening, VXN sitting right

1436 hrs VZN walks across box towards VXN, who is still sitting at back, VZN pushes VXN out of corner

1438 hrs VZN settles down next to VXN

1440 hrs VZN in right hand corner, VXN in front close together, dozing

1441 hrs VXN up on feet, calling

1442 hrs the female disturbed the pigeons before settling on the Fleur De Lis

1446 hrs both chicks dozing at back of box

1447 hrs the female flies a couple of the laps of the tower before coming into land on the South side Fleur de Lis that is occupied by the male, makes him leave, he flies SE, shortly after this she flies down into the roof area

1452 hrs the female is now on the NW pinnacle

1500 hrs both still sleeping, talon stretch from VXN

1517 hrs the female has flown onto the SE pinnacle and the male is on the South side Fleur De Lis

1518 hrs the female flew to the West side of the tower

1520 hrs the male stooped away with real purpose away West over Upstairs Downstairs, he carried on West, seconds later he appears and there is an intruder, another peregrine, he appears to be giving chase.

1526 hrs the male returns to the South side Fleur De Lis, great views from the watchpoint

1543 hrs there’s some preening going own by the chicks, their pin feathers are really starting to show now. Then they sit together for while

1554 hrs the male flew off South East

1600 hrs as we leave the watchpoint the female is clearly visible from the south path just outside the church yard, at the inner edge of the SW pinnacle.

Thanks to Stella for today’s online blog & to Mike, Rachel, Bev & Jane on the watchpoint for their blogging and engaging with just over 340 visitors.

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