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CPP blog- Wednesday 17/05/2023

Female left nest 04.25. Came back 04.43, no food, snuggled chicks down under her as best she could.

05.58 mums morning yoga at front of box, then she stands, soaking up the early sunshine.

Takes off at 6.03 as older chick tries to cough up a pellet.

06.11 adult can be heard calling off camera, chicks are preening.

06.16 female returns with food. A very large wing! Hopefully nothing more exotic than pigeon.10.45 The falcon is covering the chicks, all peaceful

09.45 The falcon takes prey into the nest, the tiercel is on the NE pinnacle.

10.47. Falcon stands and turns round, chicks pop up and flop back down again with mum standing over them.

10.50. Loud siren passing down the High St. There is no reaction. Two chick heads are visible, one is yawning.

11.07. Tiercel calls and the falcon replies.

11.08. Tiercel enters the box carrying the back end of cached prey and proceeds to eat The falcon takes it off him so he leaves. The falcon then eats while the chicks screech.

11.11. One chick is given a stringy piece of ligament.

11.12. The falcon is still eating, looks like the legs. The chicks seem to have given up and lay down. One chick then stands up and is offered a morsel. The falcon holds a foot out towards the larger chick but it’s far too big, so she eats it herself. It is then offered a toe which it takes. That takes a long time to swallow. The second chick now stands after being sat on by its sibling and gets fed.

11.19. Both chicks are now being fed.

11.21. Feed over, the falcon takes her place behind the chicks.

11.39. Some wing stretching by a chick followed by a leg stretch, what a long leg and big feet

11.50. The larger chick pushes itself back onto its legs and sits to preen. Mum joins in and preens her back while glancing down at her offspring. The larger chick is leaning against mum and we can see how much it has grown.

11.54. Chick is still preening. Shuffles to its feet, or should I say flippers. Uses a foot to scratch its head. The other chick has manoeuvred itself round to peep out between mum and sibling.

12.34. Falcon stands back allowing both chicks to be exposed, they continue to doze.

12.47. The larger chick is lying within reach of a feather which it nibbles on. Not impressed it lies on it instead.

12.59 The falcon scratches her head several times knocking the smaller chick waking it.

up. She walks to the front of the box and flies away.

13.53. The falcon returns to a noisy welcome from the chicks.

13.59. The chicks are still screeching and the smaller one is practicing walking a few steps.

14.25 Tiercel with prey (starling) on NE pinnacle, dropped prey into the nest.

14.26. The chicks have tired themselves out and are now dozing under the watchful eye of mum.

14.28. Falcon just took off calling. Calls can be heard off camera.

14.30. Tiercel enters with prey, starling, followed by the falcon who takes it off of him, he leaves. She proceeds to feed the chicks, both getting a good share.

(14.35.57 a good view of the starlings head.)

14.39. Two bulging crops, feed ends with the falcon flying off with the remains.

The chicks after 12 days

14:43 Tiercel preening on S face fleu de leis

14: 45 Falcon and tiercel flying around the church together in synchronized flight.

14:55 Tiercel with prey on the SE pinnacle.

Thank you to Bev, Stella, Chris and Julia for today's blog.

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